Relief Veterinarians

The IVMA lists the relief veterinarians as a service to our members. Their inclusion on this list does not indicate endorsement by the IVMA.   We encourage our members to review resumes, perform their own interviews and hire based on their evaluation of the suitability for their practice and their practice needs.

Dr. Gretta Albrecht (small animal) central Iowa. 515-460-1325,

Dr. Michael Eberle (Small Animal), Des Moines area,

Dr. Pam Erdman (Small Animal), Ames and Des Moines metro area, 515-509-3899,

Dr. Cherie Flowers (Small Animal), Des Moines metro area, 870-405-6671,

Dr. Jody Hackett (Small Animal), Southwest and Western Iowa (licensed in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri), 712/482-6752 or 402/779-5483,

Dr. Mackenzie Hellert (Small Animal) NE Iowa Ph: (563) 334-3555; email:

Dr. David Lange (small animal), Northeast and east central Iowa, 563-852-7166/563-543-7744,

Dr. Karla Leo (Small Animal), Des Moines and Northwest of Des Moines area, 515/402/8922,

Dr. John Minneman (Small Animal, some Large Animal), Southeastern Iowa, 319/653-5641

Dr. Karen Neff (Small Animal), Ames/Des Moines area 515/669-9835,

Dr. Lisa Nelson (Small Animal), Des Moines area, 515/669-1449,

Dr. Erin Peeler (Small Animal), Central Iowa, 515-681-4867,

Dr. Diedre Ann Qual (Companion Animal), Central Iowa, 701/202-6465,

Dr. Jill Rhoden (Small Animal), Central Iowa, 515/231-6420

Dr. Amanda Steffen (Small Animal), Central Iowa, 515/729-0271,

Dr. Norm Wonderlich (Companion Animal), All of Iowa, 515/708-4051

Dr. Kate Zimmerman, (small animal, some exotics) Ames/Des Moines metro area. (423) 914-2051 or