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What is the I-Vet PAC & Why Do We Fund It?
The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee (I-Vet PAC) was formed in 1993.  The purpose of I-Vet PAC is to collect funds that will be used to support legislative candidates who understand and will promote veterinary medicine.  I-Vet PAC relies on members of the IVMA to contribute funds to achieve its purpose.  I-Vet PAC cannot accept checks or credit cards from corporations.
Contributions to I-Vet PAC are used to allow members of the IVMA to get acquainted with and help legislators understand veterinary medicine and its needs in Iowa.  Contributions to a legislator's campaign in no way purchase votes - it simply gives us access to the candidate or the legislator which will allow us to explain our point of view.  I-Vet PAC funds are used for state legislators and are rarely used for federal political candidates or for candidates for state-wide office.  When contributing to candidates, the IVMA attempts to be party neutral.

Frequently Asked Questions About the I-Vet PAC
Why does the IVMA have a Political Action Committee (PAC)? The IVMA’s I-Vet PAC provides our members and lobbyists the opportunity to meet with and build relationships with Iowa legislators to convey our message through advocacy efforts.
Is the I-Vet PAC politically neutral? I-Vet PAC is non-partisan. Legislators receive PAC contributions based on a wide variety of criteria and recommendations of our lobbyists, not party affiliation. 
Why should I give to the I-Vet PAC? Advocacy for the Iowa veterinary profession, including veterinary technicians, is ranked as a high priority by IVMA members and having a voice on legislative issues with Iowa legislators on the state level is critically important to the protection of the veterinary profession.
On what issues does IVMA lobby? The IVMA leadership and our Legislative Committee, along with our lobbyists, advocate for important veterinary-related issues. We review many bills and rules pertaining to the practice of veterinary medicine and animal industry. These include animal health/welfare, veterinary scope of practice, public health, food safety, veterinary shortage issues, small business/tax issues, licensure the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine, appropriations, research, pharmaceuticals, compounding, environmental issues, and homeland security and preparedness.
Where do my I-Vet PAC dollars go? Over 97% of your I-Vet PAC contributions go to campaign fundraisers for Iowa legislators who have supported the IVMA and its legislative goals and the remainder pays for our annual Legislative Day at the Capitol.
Can I recommend a candidate for consideration for contributions? Yes, the I-Vet PAC welcomes recommendations from members.
Why is my legislator not receiving any PAC contributions? The I-Vet PAC has limited funds, so we are not able to contribute to every legislator every year. The more money the PAC has available, the more contributions that can be made to more legislators.  Legislators receive contributions based on several factors/criteria including recommendations of our lobbyists and legislators’ prior support of the IVMA legislative priorities, their leadership positions and committee assignments, but your recommendations will be considered.
What is the minimum contribution amount? We encourage donations of $25 or more, but any amount is allowed.  If every IVMA member donated only $10, we could raise over $17,000 each year. For contributions of $100 or more you become an I-Vet PAC Sustaining Member.  Please remember the PAC’s effectiveness is to some degree a function of the amount of money it contributes to legislators.
What are the specific benefits if I become a Sustaining Member? When an IVMA member contributes $100 or more, they receive a free registration to the IVMA Spring Practice Management Seminar and 10% discount on both the Annual Meeting and Winter Conference (>$200 value).
Can I give a check from my corporation account? No. In Iowa, you can only use a personal check or credit card which is not associated with a corporation.
Can I be more involved in I-Vet PAC and the legislative process? YES. The IVMA welcomes input and comments from its membership as well as always looking for constituents to deliver the IVMA message to their legislators. We encourage IVMA members to develop a relationship with their local legislators – attend local fundraiser events, invite them to visit your practice or out to coffee…all politics start locally!  Consider joining the IVMA Legislative Committee. All IVMA members are invited to attend the annual IVMA Legislative Day while the Iowa Legislature is in session. During this time IVMA members meet with legislators at the Capitol to convey our united message.