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President's Message

Wow, time flies. I saw Teresa at the IVMA office a week ago and was reminded I needed to get this column submitted. Yikes, that came up fast. I put an old dog down last week that I have cared for since it was 8 weeks old. It is a blessing to be able to help people with their pets and to follow them through an entire life. That circle of life, as pointed out in The Lion King, is and always will be with us. As empty nesters, my husband and I should be free to do more things without having to worry about our kids, but then we (or should I say “I”) my puppy Winston. I do believe the words “what was I thinking?” have escaped my mouth on occasion.  The getting up at night when training, cleaning up his messes and the constant supervision, these are all things young people with babies/kids are used to doing.  Just to let you know- been there, done that and it is great, but now I’m finding it tiring. More...

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Bovine PC Research Funds Available
The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association announces the availability of grant(s) supporting clinical research in beef cattle. Proposals should be aimed at providing practical solutions veterinarians can utilize in beef production environments. Funding for this support is provided by the IVMA Bovine Committee from proceeds of the Iowa Green/Gold Tag Preconditioning Program. The IVMA is encouraging proposals from private practitioners and collaborative research projects between University faculty and private practitioners. Click here for detailed information and application.  Proposals must be received by November 30th, 2021.
2021 IVMA Member Needs & Satisfaction Survey
The IVMA recently conducted the 2021 IVMA Member Needs and Satisfaction Survey  to gauge IVMA members’ overall satisfaction with IVMA and to learn how to improve our member services. Also included in the survey were questions asking for suggestions for future programing.  The information obtained in the survey will be used to improve IVMA benefits and services which will in turn will retain existing members and increase membership. A summary of the survey can be found in the October Update or read the entire results of the survey HERE.

IVMA CVM Student Internship & Shadowing Directory
The IVMA is beginning a new project to bring together Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine (ISU CVM) students and veterinary clinics who would be interested in providing veterinary students with learning opportunities through job shadowing, internships, or preceptorships at their veterinary clinics. IVMA Members and CVM Students CLICK HERE for details.


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