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I know it is going to happen, often, and multiple times. I don't necessarily enjoy it. It's just an evitable part of keeping bees. It's getting stung. Two of the most common questions I’m asked about bee keeping are 1) if I get stung and 2) how often. The answer to both are “yes” and “I’ve lost count”. Interesting facts about bee stings: The stinger is hollow with a barbed end. The whole stinger and sac of venom are torn away from the bee when it stings. The sac continues to pulse after the bee stings, pumping venom into its victim. The sooner you can remove the stinger, the less venom gets injected. One should “flick” the stinger out of the skin instead of pinching it with your fingers or using tweezers to remove it. Squeezing the stinger, with your fingers or tweezers, only injects more venom into the tissue. Statistically, about 1 person out of 100-200 people are allergic to bee stings. Interestingly enough though, about 1 out of every 10 children of commercial beekeepers are allergic to bee stings. More...

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Priority for Veterinarians Obtaining COVID-19 Vaccine
The IVMA has been working with state organizations to determine where veterinarians will be prioritized for obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine. According to a December 28 article in the Des Moines Register, the State of Iowa’s Infectious Disease Advisory Council, which is helping determine the order in which Iowans will be offered the vaccinations, invited the public to share opinions by December 23.  At least 85 responses were received by the panel of Iowa experts, explaining why their members or employees should be prioritized for vaccination against the coronavirus. Click here for further information.
COVID-19 Resources for Veterinarians
During this unprecedented public health crisis, we are working hard to fulfill the IVMA's mission of protecting animal and human health. We continue to put updated information and resources our website.  Click here to view our COVID-19 resource page.


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