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I was thinking about this last October as I am writing this column. What a weird month for weather! We saw 90 degree days, torrential rain for days, flooding, and snow. FYI I’m writing this on the 15th, who knows what else can happen in the remaining two weeks, locusts? But October’s weather reminded me what the practice of veterinary medicine is all about sometimes. We see it all, sometimes in the span of a week, or even a day! We really don’t know what lies ahead of us when we start the day. Many have heard the quote “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”.  More...


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Bovine Preconditioning Research Funds Available - Deadline December 3rd 

The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association announces the availability of grant(s) supporting clinical research in beef cattle. Proposals should be aimed at providing practical solutions veterinarians can utilize in beef production environments. Funding for this support is provided by the IVMA Bovine Committee from proceeds of the Iowa Green/Gold Tag Preconditioning Program. The IVMA is encouraging proposals from private practitioners and collaborative research projects between University faculty and private practitioners. Deadline to submit proposals will be close of business, December 3, 2018 (received by IVMA). Click here or call the IVMA Office for details.


Save BI Box Tops

For the 5th year, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is offering Future Service Scholarships to support future cattle veterinarians graduating from the Iowa State University (ISU) College of Veterinary Medicine. BI formed an alliance with the IVMA Foundation to offer this unique scholarship to graduating seniors at ISU. The final amount of the scholarship is determined by BI veterinarian and producer customers submitting box tops from Pyramid® 5 and Pyramid® 5 + Presponse® SQ product boxes. BI will donate the following to fund the Future Service Scholarships. The donation is doubled for producers and veterinarians who participate in the Iowa Green and Gold Tag Preconditioning Program. Contact the IVMA Office for details.


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