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President's Message

Welcome to February!
I recently returned from the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago with several other members of the IVMA. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with other veterinary associations from across North America. It also allowed me to get to know several of our very own Power of Ten Leadership (POTL) members. Remarkable individuals with so much potential. This conference offered numerous discussions and workshops on leadership. “How to Release the Inner Leader in One’s Self” and “How to Develop Leadership in Others”, were just a few of the topics. In Drew Dudley’s keynote address we learned how each of us should have our own leadership philosophy and incorporate it into our day-to-day lives. More...


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Controlled Substance Waiver

In the October Issue of the IVMA Update, a series of Frequently Asked Questions were presented about “Vet Shopping and Drug Diversion”. This information was shared after the IVMA was notified of a number of cases of suspicious use of a pet’s medication by clients. One step clinics can take to help protect against the possibility of a “vet shopper” is to have clients sign a waiver of liability and responsibility. This document informs the client of their responsibilities when a controlled substance is prescribed.

With help from the IVMA legal counsel, a Controlled Substance Waiver was developed for use by IVMA members. The form should be completed by the clinic and the client when a controlled substance is prescribed to a patient. A copy should be given to the client and retained in the client’s file. To access the Controlled Substance Waiver form, click the on Resources tab, then Public Health.


IVMA Foundation $19 in '19 Campaign

As of Feburary 20th the Foundation has raised $1749!

The IVMA Foundation is asking for your generous assistance to meet goals. A new fundraising campaign, $19 in ’19, is being launched to help build up the scholarship fund and help as many deserving students as possible. 


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