Continuing Ed

Iowa Administrative Code 811--11.1(169)
Continuing education required for a veterinary licensee.

11.1(1) At least 60 hours of continuing education in courses approved by the board shall be
completed within the last three licensing years by each licensee as a condition for license renewal. The
licensee has financial responsibility for the cost of continuing education. These credit hours may be
obtained by attending board-approved scientific or practice management seminars and meetings on the
basis of one credit hour for each hour of attendance. Attendance at any approved national, state or
regional meeting or RACE-approved meeting will be acceptable. One hour of credit may be approved
for local meetings where a scientific paper is presented. Credit for qualified graduate college courses
may be approved on the basis of multiplying each college credit hour by 10, to a maximum of 30 hours
during any one triennial license period. A maximum of 20 hours during any one triennial license period
of continuing education may be achieved by completion of approved distance education courses. A
maximum of 20 hours of continuing education during any one triennial license period may be achieved
by completion of approved practice management courses.

The licensing agency in Iowa is the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine.

The Board spends time every month approving CE and determining if it is scientific or practice management.  This is not a new requirement but one that has not been communicated or enforced previously.  It will require veterinarians to keep track of scientific vs practice management CE that is taken and then report it by that type.  Only up to 20 hours of practice management is allowed in the licensing period.

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