Cruelty/Neglect Case Assistance

The IVMA is updating our list of veterinarians who may be willing to assist law enforcement during suspected animal cruelty/neglect cases. Iowa law requires a law enforcement officer to consult with a licensed veterinarian to determine if an animal is being neglected or abused before any action can be taken.
If you are willing to help, please take a few minutes to complete 
a form at if you have recently completed the formWe have added additional questions to help us identify which veterinarians are willing to help in each county.
In the event of a case in your area, you may be contacted by local law enforcement or a representative of the IVMA for consideration to assist in the investigation. Your work on cases is strictly voluntary and you will never be asked to serve on cases in which there is a real or perceived conflict of interest (e.g., current or previous client).
Thank you so much for your willingness to assist in this important service to your community.