Helpful Contacts


State of Iowa


Phone Number

Animal Health Lab - State/Federal Laboratory   515-242-6354
Animal Welfare Unit  - Kennels   515-281-6358
Board of Veterinary Medicine - Licensing Board, Examiners, Technician   515-281-8617
Department of Health   515-281-7689
Department of Natural Resources - Infectious Waste, Hazardous Materials, Outdated Drug Disposal   515-725-8200
Governor's Office   515-281-5211
Iowa House   515-281-3221
Iowa Revenue Department - Sales Tax   515-281-3114
Iowa Senate   515-281-3371
Iowa Workforce Development   866-239-0843
Meat and Poultry Inspection Bureau   515-281-3338
OSHA - Iowa   515-725-5621
Iowa Board of Pharmacy (includes Examiners Board)   515-281-5944
Secretary of Agriculture   515-281-5322
State Patrol Emergency Number   800-525-5555
State Public Health Veterinarian   515-281-4933
State Veterinarian   515-281-5305
Wildlife, Zoonosis Control   515-281-4933
X-ray Inspections/Certifications   515-281-0425

US Government


Phone Number

Centers for Epidemiology & Animal Health - Emergency notices, other states' regulations, animal care   970-494-7200
Department of Labor - Wages & Hours   866-487-9243
Drug Enforcement Administration   515-323-2760
FDA/CVM: Drugs, devices, animal feeds   240-402-7002
Food and Drug Administration   888-463-6332
National DEA Hotline   877-792-2873
Federal DEA Registration Assistance   888-803-1179
Scrapie Program   301-734-8634
US Fish and Wildlife Service   515-994-3400
USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline   888-674-6854
USDA APHIS Emergency Operations Center   301-436-3170
USDA APHIS, VS - Federal Veterinarian   515-284-4140
Travel Requirements, Accreditation, Health Certificates   515-284-4790

American Veterinary Medical Association


Phone Number

Schaumburg, Illinois Office   800-248-2862
Washington, DC Office   800-321-1473
Group Health & Life Trust Insurance Trust   800-621-6360
Professional Liability Insurance Trust   800-228-7548

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association


Phone Number

1605 North Ankeny Blvd. #100, Ankeny IA 50023   515-965-9237 or 800-369-9564
James Carney - Association Attorney   515-282-6803

Pet Loss Support


Phone Number

ISU CVM Hotline   888-478-7574

ISU College of Veterinary Medicine


Phone Number

Administrative Offices

General Information   515-294-1242
Dean   515-294-9860

Academic & Student Services

Admissions/Pre-Veterinary Information   515-294-6808
Career Services & Classification   515-294-0772

Academic Departmental Offices

Biomedical Sciences   515-294-2441
Veterinary Clinical Sciences   515-294-2199
Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine   515-294-1950
Veterinary Microbiology & Preventive Medicine   515-294-5776
Veterinary Pathology   515-294-3282
Communications Specialist   515-294-4602
Endowment Fund Office   515-294-8562
Large Animal Clinic   515-294-1500
Small Animal Clinic   515-294-4900
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory   515-294-1950
Veterinary Extension   515-294-8790

Veterinary Services


Phone Number

Food Animal Residue Avoidance Data Bank   888-873-2723
Midwest Animal Blood Services    
National Animal Poison Control Center ($65 fee)   888-426-4435
National Pesticide Information Center   800-858-7378

Veterinary & Related Associations


Phone Number

American Animal Hospital Association   303-986-2800
American Association of Bovine Practitioners   334-821-0442
American Association of Equine Practitioners   859-233-0147
American Association of Feline Practitioners   800-874-0498
American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners   334-517-1233
American Association of Swine Veterinarians   515-465-5255

Commodity Organizations


Phone Number

Iowa Cattlemen's Association   515-296-2266
Iowa State Dairy Association   515-971-3620
Iowa Farm Bureau   515-225-5400
Iowa Horse Council   641-342-4436
Iowa Pork Producers Association   800-372-7675
Iowa Sheep Industry Association   712-736-2109
Iowa Turkey Federation   515-232-2825

Helpful Websites & Links

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American Association of Veterinary Clinicians - AAVC    
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Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges    
Association of Avian Veterinarians - AAV    
Center for Disease Control    
Center for Food Security and Public Health (CFSPH)    
Central Iowa Veterinary Technician Association    
Des Moines Area Community College (Technician Program)    
Distance Education Veterinary Technician Program (DEVTP)    
Food Safety and Inspection Service    
International Veterinary Information Service    
Iowa Board of Pharmacy    
Iowa Board of Pharmacy Compliace Officers    
Iowa Veterinary Accreditation Handbook    
Iowa Animal Industry Bureau    
Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine    
Iowa Department of Public Health    
Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine    
KSU Veterinary Medicine    
Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids (Technician Program)    
National Association of Federal Veterinarians    
National Pesticide Information Center    
NOAH - Network Of Animal Health    
Student American Veterinary Medical Association - SAVMA    
Society for Theriogenology - SFT    
State Veterinary Medical Associations    
State Animal Health Officials    
United States Department of Agriculture    
US Food and Drug Administration/Animal & Veterinary