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Winter Conference 2024 Proceedings

2024 Winter Conference Proceedings

*Not all speakers provide proceedings.

Companion Animal Neurology Session
Dr. Rod Bagley
The “fast scan” neuro examination
Being “Indiana Jones
Is this a seizure? And what do I do?
Why can’t this animal walk?
Will this animal walk again
I don’t have an MRI in my practice. So now what?
Companion Animal Clinical Pathology Session
Dr. William Saxon
Evolving the Minimum Data Base
Step Into Action: When the Routine Visit Becomes Abnormal
Diarrhea Dilemma
Evolving Care of Kidney Healthy in the Era of Multiple Biomarkers
Vector-borne disease testing and treatment
Hold it!  Don’t forget the urinalysis
Bovine Session
Genetic Approaches to Improve Beef Cattle Health - Dr. Brian Vander Ley
Transitions in Dairy Cattle: Weaning – Dr. James Drackley
Transitions in Dairy Cattle: Peripartal Period – Dr. James Drackley
Animal Welfare/Hot Topics Session
2023 Animal Neglect/Cruelty Response Update- Joe Stafford
Introduction, Update and Purpose of Iowa Farm Animal Care - Mike Telford
Access to Care in Small Animal Practice – Dr. Joyce Carnevale
Spectrum of Care in Small Animal Practice - Dr. Joyce Carnevale
VDL Building Status Update – Dr. Rodger Main
Recent Trends in Toxicology Cases – Dr. Scott Radke
Interpreting Mineral Panel Test Results – Dr. Emily Finley
Antimicrobial susceptibility of E. coli isolated from ISU-VDL porcine and bovine cases at ISU-VDL from 2010 to 2022– Dr. Rodrigo Paiva
An update on atypical interstitial pneumonia (AIP) cases at the ISU-VDL – Dr. Joe Thomas

Companion Animal Session – Thursday 2/15
Catch the Wave - Respiratory complications - Dr. Masako Fujiyama
Go with the flow - Hypotension - Dr. Masako Fujiyama
Perioperative Management of the Brachycephalic Patient – Dr. Craig Willette
Canine and Feline OA: is Nerve Growth Factor the Answer? – Dr. Craig Willette
Don’t Feel Like You’re Alfaxing Alone - Dr. Emily Wheeler
Feel More Zen about Alpha: An update on newer options for sedation and anesthesia - Dr. Emily Wheeler
Public Health Session
Responding to Potential Rabies Exposures- Drs. Katie Rumsey & Andrew Hennenfent
One Health Hot Topics Roundup - Drs. Katie Rumsey & Dr. Andrew Hennenfent
The Epidemiology of Candida Auris - Dr. Andrew Hennenfent
Updates on Epidemiology, Prevention, and Management of Candida auris in 2023 - Dr. Michihiko Goto
Diversity and phenotypes of fungi recovered from animals at a large veterinary diagnostic laboratory - Dr. Steve Harris
Fungal diseases in animals - Dr. Scott Weese
Common skin fungal dermatology of animals - Dr. Darren Berger
Swine Session
The US Swine Health Improvement Plan, or US SHIP, is a national health certification plan that is currently focused on ASF/CSF – Dr. Tyler Holck
ISU VDL Hot Topics - Dr. Marcelo Almeida
Update Being Useful! An Update on the Swine Medicine Education Center - Dr. Locke Karriker
Update on PRRSV - resistant pigs - Dr. Perry Harms
Depopulation and disposal updates - Dr. Stephanie Wetter
Examples of projects and initiatives to enable precision swine health & productivity management. - Dr. Daniel Linhares
Swine Disease Reporting System: unraveling the activity of swine endemic pathogens in the U.S. - Dr. Guilherme Cezar
Telemedicine in Swine (Paper) - Dr. Meredith Behr Petersen
Telemedicine in Swine (Presentation) - Dr. Meredith Behr Petersen
Impacts of a one-time water line cleaning and disinfection event on water line biofilms - Dr. Gabi Doughan
Antibiotic Use in PRRSV flows - Dr. Isadora Machado
Veterinary Technician Session
Rabbits 101 - Dr. Lauren Hughes
Guinea Pig & other Rodents 101 - Dr. Lauren Hughes
Unique Zoo Case Studies - Dr. Lauren Hughes
Avian 101 - Dr. Lauren Hughes
Reptile Handling and Care - Zach Wright, RVT