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Starting the New Year always means talking about our resolutions for the upcoming year. Last year my resolution was to lose 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I only missed that goal by 20 pounds. But seriously, although many resolutions are broken by half time of the first New Year’s Day bowl game, they still provide us with us the opportunity to reflect on where we are professionally and personally. Identifying our strengths and working to making them better is just as important as identifying our weaknesses and working to improve them.

I was on call one weekend at my first job out of vet school, when one of our clients said their rhea had injured its leg. It was on me that I may not have been paying too much attention to their message as I went into the clinic to examine this animal. As I drove to the clinic not exactly knowing what a rhea was (pre-Google), I had convinced myself that I had heard her wrong and was going to look at something with diarrhea. I was greeted at the back door by the client and her patient in a large cardboard box. We made our way into the exam room and I opened the box not sure what form of creature I would see. As the animal exposed itself, I exclaimed “It’s a bird!” which I am sure instilled a tremendous amount of confidence in the client. By the way, the rhea is a ratite native to South America and Rhea Perlman is married to Danny DeVito (post-Google).

Obviously the moral of this column is not to make a resolution to learn more about large flightless birds, but to continue to improve as practitioners and be advocates for our profession. So I am hoping that one of your resolutions this year will be to become more active in the IVMA. Attend an IVMA sponsored continuing education meeting (Winter Conference February 13 &14, Practice Management Seminar, or IVMA Annual Meeting September 13 & 14), represent the IVMA on Legislative Day at the Capitol (February 27th), or participate in a committee.

If nothing else, you can join me in my resolution to lose those 20 pounds from last year.

Best to you in the New Year,

Randy Ackman DVM