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2020 IVMA Winter Conference Proceedings

Tuesday, February 11th

Dental Wet Lab - Dr. Jennifer Mathis
No proceedings

Flea & Tick Session - Dr. Debra Olbrich
Even Fleas Have Baggage
Ticks: Know Your Enemy
Which Tick is Which Lab

Wednesday, February 12th
Companion Animal
I Can See Clearly Now the ___ is Gone - Dr. Rachel Allbaugh
The Highs & Lows of Intraocular Disease - Dr. Rachel Allbaugh
The Ocular Perils of Getting Old - Dr. Braidee Foote
Leptospirosis: Considerations in Disease Etiology, Diagnosis & Prevention - Dr. Debra Olbrich
Lyme Disease: Controversies & Consensus - Dr. Debra Olbrich
Diabetes Melitus in Dogs & Cats - Dr. Debra Olbrich

Companion Animal #2
Diagnosis of IMHA & ITP-New Perspectives on Old Enemies - Dr. Austin Viall
Uncommon Endocrinopathies-When It's Actually the Zebra! - Dr. Austin Viall
Companion Animal Medicine: Where to Begin - Dr. Bianca Zaffarano
Exotic Companion Animals: Stabilization & Triage of Unfamiliar Species - Dr. Bianca Zaffarano

Foreign Animal Disease Preparation for Swine Veterinarians & Their Producers - Dr. Chris Rademacher
AgView - Dr. Patrick Webb
USDA African Swine Fever Exercises Update & Practical Applications - Dr. Patrick Webb
USDA-Permitting Swine Movements in a post-FAD USA - Dr. Jeff Kaisand
Update: Sample Validation for FADs - Dr. Paul Sundberg
African Swine Fever: Strain Differences & Virulence - Dr. Jim Roth
Update on ASF Status & Industry Activities - Dr. Patrick Webb
A Pilot Program for US Pork Industry Participants to Consider - Dr. Rodger Main
Antibiotic Hot Topics in the Swine Industry - Dr. Heather Fowler
Establishing Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Herd Status Classification Criteria for Breeding Herds - Dr. Maria Clavijo
Houseflies (Musca domestica): A Potential Vector in the Transmission of Viral Diseases to Pigs - Dr. Grant Allison

Practical Techniques for Equine Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Distal Limb & Stifle - Dr. Dane Tatarniuk
Thoracic & Abdominal Ultrasound in Horses & Foals: Picture Worth a Thousand Words - Dr. Katarzyna Dembek
Equine Ocular Evaluation-Using Your Eyes, Instruments & Ultrasound - Dr. Rachel Allbaugh
Breeding the Mare - Dr. Nyomi Galow-Kersh
Oh, the Things I Have Learned - Dr. Myomi Galow-Kersh

Animal Welfare

Animal Cruelty Response Task Force Update - Mr. Scott Wilson & Mr. Joe Stafford
Environmental Enrighment: What it is & what it isn't - Dr. Suzanne Millman
Environmental Enrichment for Poultry & Swine Practitioners - Dr. Anna Johnson
Environmental Enrighment for Equine Practitioners - Dr. Suzanne Millman
Environmental Enrichment for Canine Practitioners - Mr. Mick McAuliffe
Environmental Enrichment for Feline Practitioners - Dr. Suzanne Millman
Behavior Case Studies - Mr. Mick McAuliffe, Dr. Suzanne Millman & Dr. Anna Johnson

Thursday, February 13th
Companion Animal
Nutritional Hot Topics - Dr. Michael Lappin
Nutritional Hot Topics2 - Dr. Michael Lappin
Probiotic Therapy in Dogs & Cats - Dr. Michael Lappin
Q&A - Dr. Michael Lappin
I Read it on the Internet: Facts, Myths & Misconceptions about Pet Nutrition - Cr. Chelsea McGivney
Nutritional Management of Atopy & Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats - Dr. Chelsea McGivney
Nutritional Management of Atopy & Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats2 - Dr. Chelsea McGivney

Wellness/Public Health
SOS - Saving Ourselves So We Can Save Others - Dr. Heidi Hulon
Staying Connected: The Pillars for a Balanced & Healthy Life - Dr. Don Broshar
Stress in the Clinic: How to Help Each Other - Dr. David Brown
Strategies That Help - Dr. David Brown
Why Fight the Waves When You Can Learn How to Surf? - Ms. Lauren Wright

Veterinary Technician
Not Just a Vet Tech: Business Opportunities for Veterinary Technicians - Tabitha Kucera RVT
Keeping Your Cats Busy, Not Bored: Enrichment for Your Cat - Tabitha Kucera RVT
It Doesn't Have to Hurt: Recognizing Chronic Pain in Cats - Tabitha Kucera RVT
Do You Speak Cat? Feline Communication for the Veterinary Team - Tabitha Kucera RVT
No More Cat Wrangling! Techniques for Force Free Feline Handling - Tabitha Kucera RVT
When Caring Hurts: Managing Compassion Fatigue Panel
Clinical Techniques & Practical Tips for Exotic Animals - Sarah Kolb RVT

Advancing Herd Performance & Immunity with New Considerations Regarding Calving & colostrum Management in Cow Calf Operations - Dr. Michael Nagorske
Forage Management to Decrease Nematode Burdens in Cattle - Dr. Matt Brewer
PC Research Update - Dr. Grant Dewell
2019 PC Overview - Dr. Tom Hansen & Dr. Grant Dewell
Overview of the Secure Beef Supply Program - Dr. Jim Roth
USDA Update on Animal Disease Traceability - Dr. Tim Smith
Future of Bone Practice - Dr. Pat Gorden
The Rural Iowa Veterinary Shortage Dilemma - Dr. Dan Grooms, Dr. Dave Schmitt & Dr. Randy Wheeler

Practice Management

Revenue & Profit I&II - Dr. Amy Grice
Rational Price Setting - Dr. Amy Grice
Transitions of Ownership & Valuation of Your Practice - Dr. Amy Grice
Communication, Difficult Conversations & Negotiation - Dr. Amy Grice