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Friday, June 2, 2017

ISU Summer Symposium in Dermatology

Start Date: 6/2/2017 8:00 AM CDT
End Date: 6/2/2017 3:00 PM CDT

Venue Name: ISU CVM

Room 1226
Ames, IA  United States 

Organization Name: ISU CVM

Dr. Darren Berger
Phone: 515-294-4900

More information can be found at

CE Credits:          6

Overview:           The summer allergy season is already starting, thanks to our mild winter and early spring. Are you ready for all those itchy dogs? Do you really understand the newer options for managing itch and atopic dermatitis in dogs? Guess what? There still is no “silver bullet”!  In this symposium, we will explain the various options to manage allergy in dogs and provide you with the information you will need to make wise decisions to help with the comprehensive management of your allergic patients. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the latest and greatest information on skin and ear disorders in dogs and cats.
Approach to the Allergic Patient
There is more to dealing with allergic dogs than picking the newest pharmacologic therapy for atopy. These cases are complicated and consist of layers of problems, all which need to be considered when planning short and long-term management of the allergic patient. In this session, we’ll discuss how the pathophysiology of allergy intersects with the management of the allergic patient so that you can provide the best possible care of allergic dermatitis. 
IL-31 inhibitors: Where are we?
Apoquel and Cytopoint are new and intriguing therapy options for canine patients with atopy. In this session we will discuss what is known about these newer drugs, the advantages they possess, and what has been seen as their limitations.
Case-based Approach to the Canine Atopic Patient
In this session we will focus on different presentations of canine atopic patients through actual cases, highlighting key clinical features and outline decision-making aspects to guide client therapy recommendations.
Choosing Wisely: How to Select the Best Topical Therapy for Otitis Externa
Topical therapy is the mainstay of treatment for otitis externa. In this session, we will discuss interpreting diagnostics (cytology and culture) that are essential for making good decisions, and then we’ll look at the options currently available for various secondary infections in otitis.
Topical Therapy for Infectious Skin Conditions
As is common in allergic patients, recurring dermatitis can be a frustrating and challenging condition to manage, especially when dealing with resistant infections. Key concepts to be covered during this discussion include the goals of topical therapy, mindful selection of topical agents, and formulation of feasible plans to treat and prevent recurrence.
Practical Updates from the 2017 North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum
Our understanding and the way we practice veterinary medicine is constantly evolving. This session will highlight recent research findings from the national veterinary dermatology conference that have a direct impact on the way we should approach dermatologic conditions in pets.