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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Productivity, Job Satisfaction & Burnout: How to attack all 3 in your practice without sacrificing sanity!

Start Date: 6/16/2022 9:00 AM CDT
End Date: 6/16/2022 4:00 PM CDT

Venue Name: Gateway Hotel & Conference Center

2100 Green Hills Drive
Ames, IA  United States  50014

Organization Name: IVMA

Phone: (515) 965-9237


Registration before June 1 - $150, after June 1 - $175


8:30-9:00am Registration
9:00-10:00am What is "Good" in Business: The Ladder Perspective
Owning a business is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Not necessarily because of the work required but by how hard it is to know if you’re doing a bad job, an okay job, or the best you can do. In this session, we’ll introduce a usable perspective on success that also serves as a guide to granularly improve your practice in stress level, efficiency, and profitability.
10:00-11:00am The Fuzzies: How the soft skills are the most important skills
Practice management is a moot point when there is no one to practice. Burnout is a serious problem in the US workforce. This is especially true in the veterinary space where numbers of participants in the field are largely insufficient to meet the market demand, and hours and stress are increasing across the board. This session will tactically dive into how to prevent and combat burnout in your life and practice by integrating soft skills into your everyday operations.
11:00am-Noon Business Culture (Part 1): What is business culture, liking people and leadership?
Business culture is made up of two parts: The first is liking the people you work with and the second is making sure that people know what they are (and aren’t) supposed to be doing. This session aims to talk about how to emotionally empower your staff, increase job satisfaction, and increase retention.
Noon-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:00pm Business Culture (Part 2): Organizational clarity
The second half of business culture is regarding organizational clarity. People can like who they work with, but when there aren’t clear definitions of what they’re expected to do, everyone does everything or no one does anything. This session will help illuminate how to better create clarity for you and for your staff to boost culture and all around pleasantness.
2:00-3:00pm The BHA Goal Cycle: A how-to for implementing changes
Wanting to change things is necessary and healthy in a business. The specifics can be unclear, however, about how to decide what you want to improve upon, how you go about implementing tactics to change it, and how to track if the intervention(s) you’ve selected are moving the needle towards the goal you want to achieve. This session helps provide a framework to make those decisions.
3:00-4:00pm Operational Efficiency: The secret sauce
The most commonly attacked part of a business is often the most misunderstood. Increasing efficiency is an art that, when done correctly, can buy back time and joy. When done incorrectly, it can rob the personality out of the business. This session works through how to properly increase efficiency without sacrificing the fun and magic of the business.