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  What Dog PFRW (120 x 240)

2023 IVMA Annual Meeting Proceedings

*Proceedings are not provided by all speakers

Thursday, September 28, 2023
General Session- Eric Garcia
Companion Animal
Abdominal Ultrasound Consensus Statement Highlights - Dr. Kristina Miles
Updates in canine and feline diabetes management - Dr. Laura Van Vertloo
Practical Use of GI Protectants – Indications & Recommendations - Dr. Albert Jergens
Canine Protein-Losing Enteropathy – Dr. Albert Jergens
Principles of Lymphoma Diagnosis - Dr. Keiko Murakami
Practice Management
Eric Garcia
BOOST Your Marketing! Top Tips to Grow & Stand Out in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace
Using Technology to Meet Client Expectations in Today’s World
Avoiding Cat-astrophy: How to Engage Cat Owners in Life-Long Care
Keep Clients Longer – How to Easily Build a Client Retention Strategy
Hot Topics
Ms. Jan Woods
The Regs Have Changed From Last Year! Are You Ready For An Audit?
Iowa Controlled Substance and DEA Regulatory Requirements
Knock, Knock, It’s the DEA! Are You Ready For A DEA Audit?
*Current and Future Use of Genomics in Beef Cattle - Dr. Matt Spangler
Proceedings Document 1
Proceedings Document 2
*Is the PC Program ready to utilize EID? – Dr. Dan Thomson and Dr. Randy Wheeler
*Factors Affecting Preconditioned Calf Price Premiums – Dr. Lee Schulz
An Interesting Case of Oxalate Nephrosis in Cattle - Dr. Marta Mainenti
Two for the Price of One: Ergotism with disseminated sarcocystosis – Dr. Chris Siepker
The Changing Landscape of Dairy-Beef  – Dr. Nathan Meyer
Veterinary Technicians
*Level Up: Your Perioperative Nursing Care - Amanda Ayers, RVT, VTS
*“You’re What Hurts??” - Pain, Opioids, Local Anesthetics, NSAIDS and Multi-Modal Analgesia – Amanda Ayers, RVT, VTS
ECGs for the General Technician – How’s of recording and interpreting - Lori Moran, RVT, VTS
Stabilizing Patients Before Transfer: Help Us Help Your Patients -Jessica Griffith, RVT, VTS
Oncological Emergencies - Lisa Foster, RVT, VTS
Friday, September 29, 2023
Companion Animal Session
Dr. Carol Reinero
Using Patterns of Respiration in the Evaluation of Respiratory Distress in Cats
Canine Bacterial Pneumonia: What’s New?
Pharmacologic Principles for Managing Respiratory Disease
Canine Aerodigestive Disorders
Respiratory Diseases You May Not Have Learned in Veterinary School
Challenging Respiratory Cases in Dogs and Cats
Small Ruminant
Field Necropsy of Small Ruminants - Dr. Alyona Michael
*Gross Pathology of Small Ruminants: Common Findings & Interpretation - Dr. Alyona Michael
*Practical Advice on Disbudding Goats - Dr. Paul Plummer
Drugs in Your Arsenal for Small Ruminants - Dr. Anne Jablinski
Sedation, Anesthesia, and Analgesia Considerations for Common Small Ruminant Field Procedures- Dr. Rachel Friedrich
Dr. Elizabeth Strand
Better together? How veterinarians and social workers can help all species through excellent interprofessional practice.
The nitty gritty of mental well-being in the veterinary setting
Animal Depopulation Resiliency Check-in Tool
Psychological flexibility and making the most of your critical “Choice Points”
Don’t roll over a pee: How to use conflict for good
Breathright: How “voluntary-regulated breathing practices” (VRBP) help us maintain balance, efficacy, and compassion in practice.
Dr. Krishona Martinson
Advances in Pasture Management
Hay Feeding Strategies to Improve Horse Health and Economics
Interpreting a Horse Hay Analysis
Hands-on Application of Using Hay Analysis in a Horse Feeding Program
Tips for Managing Overweight and Easy Keeping Horses
Case Studies
Composting Horse Carcasses
Veterinary Technician
Beckie Mossor, RVT
Decision Fatigue. It’s a thing and it’s likely affecting you
Ethical Concerns of the Veterinary Industry, a Guided Open Discussion
*Compassion Satisfaction in the Veterinary Industry
*Leading in Any Role
*Caring for Clients with Special Needs
The Perils of Parasites
Federal Accreditation Session
*Proceedings are NOT provided for this session
Module 4: Preventing Disease Introduction and Spread – Dr. Lisa Hindle
Module 13: Aquatic Animal Health Regulations and Health Certification – Dr. Bailey Goos
Module 22: Animal Welfare: An Introduction – Dr. Andrea Holmes
Module 25: Using Behavior to Assess Welfare – Dr. Andrea Holmes
Module 28: Significant and Emerging Viral Diseases of Carp, Koi, and Goldfish – Dr. Bailey Goos
Module 15: Disease Prevention and Biosecurity in Aquaculture – Dr. Lisa Hindle