Winter Conference 2022 Proceedings

Wednesday February 9 Sessions - Proceedings
Companion Animal Dermatology – Dr. Jason Pieper
Old & New: Pyoderma & Otitis Externa

The Itchy Dog

Unique, But Not Odd: Cutaneous Autoimmune Diseases
This or That?
Dissecting Your Differential Diagnosis

Companion Animal Dentistry - Drs. Jennifer Mathis & Jessica Johnson
Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Chief Complaints

What Lies Beneath (Radiology Interpretation I)

Making the Case for Toothanasia (Radiology Interpretation II)
All Things Dentistry We Wish We Had Learned Earlier
Gaining Acceptance for Dental Procedures

Arthropod Vectors of Bovine Disease: An Update in Iowa - Drs. Matthew Brewer, Katy Martin

Diagnostic Testing Considerations for Anaplasmosis, EHD & Bluetongue - Dr. Drew Magstadt
PC Research Update: Pilot project to determine viability of electronic identification and data transfer with the Iowa Green tag preconditioning program - Dr. Grant Dewell
PC Research Update: Utilizing antral follicle counts in pre-breeding evaluations for beef heifers - Dr. Megan Hindman
PC Program Update - Dr. Tom Hansen
Beef Cow/Calf Confinement Highlights & Headaches - Drs. Dan Thomson, Shawn Nicholson

Veterinarians do animal welfare: The 5 Domains - Dr. Dan Thomson
   U.S. Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit
Technology coming to the beef industry for veterinarians and their clients - Dr. Dan Thomson
Equine – Dr. Megan McCracken
Equine Colic-When to Refer

Equine Colic-Case Discussion
Equine Sedation & Pain Management
Addressing Equine Lacerations
Managing Septic Joints, Tendon Sheaths & Bursas
Using Hoof Casts & Bandage Casts for Difficult Equine Wounds

Animal Welfare
Deconstructing Bias to Build Bridges in Animal Welfare Advancement: A case study of the “puppy mill” problem -  Dr. Candace Croney

When Things Go Wrong  – lessons learned from a recent large commercial dog breeder case in Iowa - Mr. Joe Stafford
Assuring Responsible Breeding  - Federal oversight and lessons learned - TBD
Assuring responsible breeding  – state oversight and responsibilities of the attending veterinarian - Dr. Katie Rumsey
Lessons learned when do breeding facilities are managed well and managed poorly
Opportunities for prevention through evidence-based canine welfare assurance - Dr. Suzanne Millman
Canine breeder case studies – creating protocols to aid Iowa veterinary practitioners - Drs. Suzanne Millman, Joyce Carnevale, Candace Croney

Thursday February 10 Sessions Proceedings
Companion Animal Ophthalmology – Dr. Melissa Kubai
Red Eyes: Clarifying the conundrum between surface and intraocular disease

What’s Cooking in the Cornea? Avoiding a corneal catastrophe
The Lens: Much Ado about Cataract
The Pressure is On: An in-depth discussion on Glaucoma
What to Do When an Ocular Emergency Occurs
Feline Ophthalmology 101

Public Health
A Stepwise Approach to Antimicrobial Stewardship in Companion Animal Practice - Dr. Jennifer Granick

How Tracking Antibiotic Use in Dogs & Cats Can Improve Animal (and Human) Health - Dr. Jennifer Granick
Campylobacter, Puppies & Antibiotics - Dr. Paul Plummer
Backyard Slaughter: Regulatory & Food Safety Considerations - Dr. Melissa Lang & Dr. Kathryn Polking
Working with Backyard Poultry Owners on Biosecurity & Safe Egg Handling - Dr. Molly Lee
Leishmaniasis - Dr. Katie Rumsey

Veterinary Technician – Ms. Mary Berg
Block That Pain!  Pain Management and Anesthesia for the Dental Patient

Dental Radiology Made Easy- Tips and Tricks!
Basic Dental X-ray Interpretation
Periodontal Disease – Understanding and Treating
Common Oral Pathology
Gaining Dental Compliance – What Works!

African Swine Fever Preparedness & Response - Dr. Troy Brick

Factors to Consider in Designing an ASF Eradication Program - Dr. James Roth
US Swine Health Improvement Plan Update - Dr. Tyler Holck
Regional Surveillance through the US Swine Health Improvement Plan - Dr. Jeff Zimmerman
Overview & Phylogenetic Analysis of PRRSV RFLP1-4-4 in US Swine - Dr. Phil Gauger
Characterization of pathogenicity and transmissibility of the recently emergent PRRSV 1-4-4 L1C variant strain in comparison with other PRRSV strains - Dr. Jianqiang Zhang
Whole-genome sequencing of Streptococcus suis. What have we learned? - Dr. Robert Mugabi
We Care Program Update - Mr. Brett Kaysen
Influenza A Virus in Swine: An overview & update - Dr. Joseph Thomas

Marketplace Disrupters - Mr. Dallas Hockman

Hot Topics
Explore Beekeeping - Mr. Randall Cass

Honeybee Medicine 101 - Dr. Jodie Pettit & Mr. Andrew Joseph
Utilization of Veterinary Technicians - Dr. Randy Ackman
The Science of Mindfulness & Applications in Veterinary Medicine - Dr. Sarah Montgomery

    Attachment 2 - Dr. Sarah Montgomery
Iowa Emergency FMD Vaccination Plan, Including Role for Veterinarians - Dr. James Roth