Wednesday, February 8 | Sessions

General SessionRoom Bishop A&B- sponsored by ISU College of Veterinary Medicine
8:30-9:30am  Purpose-Driven Leadership – Dr. Latonia Craig
Dr. Frederick D. Patterson was a trailblazer in both the veterinary profession and educational arena. He was an intentional advocate for leading a life with a DEI lens. This talk will speak to some of the characteristics modeled by Dr. Patterson’s remarkable purpose-driven life that we can all learn from and practice daily.
Companion Animal – Room Bishop C- sponsored by Dechra

10:00-10:50am  Chronic Vomiting in Cats - Dr. Christopher G. Byers
Chronic vomiting in cats is a very common clinical problem. Learners will review the major possible causes to develop logical diagnostic and therapeutic plans. Objectives are to review relevant pathophysiology of vomiting, to discuss relevant diagnostic testing to determine the cause of chronic vomiting in cats and to discuss potential therapies for chronic vomiting in cats.

11:00-11:50am  Urethral Obstruction in Male Cats - Dr. Christopher G. Byers
Urethral obstruction is a very common emergency problem in male cats. Learners will review clinical presentation, diagnostic testing, and appropriate interventions. Objectives are to review relevant pathophysiology of UO in cats, to identify a practical approach to the diagnosis of UO in feline patients and to develop a logical and medically sound treatment plan for a feline patient with UO.

1:30-2:20pm  Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) in Cats - Dr. Christopher G. Byers
IMHA is a potentially life-threatening medical problem. Learners will review relevant pathophysiology, diagnostic testing, and therapies to treat this condition. Objectives are to review relevant pathophysiology of IMHA, to identify a practical approach to the diagnosis of IMHA and to develop a logical and medically sound treatment plan for a patient with IMHA.

3:00-3:50pm  Shock in Cats - Dr. Christopher G. Byers
Cats are presented in shock for various reasons. Learners will review presentation, appropriate diagnostic tests, and logical therapies for feline shock patients. Objectives are to review relevant pathophysiology of shock, to identify a practical approach to the diagnosis of a patient presented in shock and to develop a logical and medically sound treatment plan for a patient in various shock states.

4:00-4:50pm  Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Cats - Dr. Christopher G. Byers
Through real case examples, learners will review a practical approach to accurately diagnosing and efficiently treating cats with DKA. Objectives are to highlight relevant pathophysiology of DKA in cats, to discuss appropriate tests to diagnose DKA in cats and to review potential therapies for cats with DKA.
Practice Management - Room Skinner A - sponsored by R2 Financial

10:00-11:50am  Practice Ownership: Key Financial Considerations – Mr. Josh Ervasti, Financial Advisor with R2 Financial Strategies & Ms. Marisa Williams, VP Healthcare Business Banking with PNC Bank
Whether you’re exploring becoming a practice owner, growing your existing practice, or looking at succession and exit strategies, there are key financial factors to consider.  In this session, we will discuss some of the important financial variables throughout the stages of practice ownership.

1:30-2:50pm  Reputation Management in the Digital Age – Ms. Erin Wilgenbusch
Personal branding and reputation management are easily built, and easily damaged, in the age of digital communication. We’ll discuss and practice what you should know about building and managing your personal brand in the digital age.

3:30-4:50pm  Reputation Management in the Digital Age (cont) – Ms. Erin Wilgenbusch

Bovine – Room Skinner B -sponsored by ISU College of Veterinary Medicine

10:00-10:50am  Overview of Chondrodysplastic Dwarf Calves – Dr. Scott Radke
This presentation provides an overview of Chondrodysplastic dwarf cases received by the ISU VDL over the past several years. Clinical presentation, field investigations findings, case similarities, potential causes, and future concerns will be discussed.

11:00-11:50am  Vitamin A in Cattle & Weak Calf Syndrome – Dr. Scott Radke
This presentation offers an overview of vitamin A in cattle including sources, role in bovine and calf health, its role in weak calf syndrome, and diagnostic considerations.

1:30-2:20pm  Surgical Conditions of Bovine Neonates – Dr. Enoch Meira
The session will discuss the most common surgical conditions affecting bovine neonates (Omphalitis, umbilical hernias, and septic arthritis) seen by the Iowa State University Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Service.

2:30-3:20pm  Updates on Passive Immunity & Clinical Conditions of Neonatal Calves – Dr. Vengai Mavangira
Updates on passive immunity research in calves and its practical applications will be discussed. Common health conditions predisposed by failure of adequate transfer of passive immunity and their management will be reviewed with emphasis on management in practical/field conditions.

4:00-4:50pm  VDPAM Panel
Equine - Room Grandquist

10:00-10:50am  Equine Dental Anatomy & Physiology– Dr. Jeff Reiswig
This first of five lectures sets the foundation to provide general practitioners practical knowledge of equine dental anatomy and physiology. This lecture is designed to educate practitioners of the relevant orthodontic, endodontic and periodontal anatomic structures relevant to examination and treatment of dental disease in the horse.

11:00-11:50am  The Equine Dental Exam – Dr. Jeff Reiswig
This is the cornerstone lecture of the equine dental lecture series. We will cover the equipment and techniques needed to ensure practitioners they are performing a complete oral exam in the horse. Sedation for the dental exam will be discussed (essentially, “what I use”).

1:30-2:20pm  Obtaining & Interpreting Equine Dental Radiographs – Dr. Jeff Reiswig
Dental radiographs are the most accessible diagnostic test for the general practitioner. This lecture will give tips for proper positioning and techniques for obtaining quality digital radiographs. The common radiographic signs of dental disease will also be discussed.

2:30-3:20pm  Common Dental Therapies: Odontoplasty, Periodontal Therapy & Extraction – Dr. Jeff Reiswig
This lecture will cover the equipment, technique and justification for floating and odontoplasty. Current therapies for periodontal disease will also be discussed. Last, the equipment and technique to remove a tooth will be covered. We will discuss the question, “How much tooth can I remove?”

4:00-4:50pm  When to Refer: Recognizing Opportunities & Limitations – Dr. Jeff Reiswig
This lecture will look at case studies to discuss what is possible to do in the field and which cases to refer.
Hot Topics – Room Skinner C- sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim

10:00-10:50am  Creating Your Core Values to Drive the Culture You Want - Dr. Nels Lindberg
Every business, family, organization, team, or church as a culture, it's a matter of how healthy is it!  And for many of us, we are so focused on working in the business, rather than on the business, that the culture gets lost in the daily chaos.  If we as leaders aren't intentional about forcing the culture, others in the organization are busy forming the culture to their desires.  This talk takes a dive into how we work to intentionally create or change the culture through strategic core value formation.  It is also can serve as the birthing place of your core values if you so choose!

11:00-11:50am  Hiring and Firing - 20 Years of In the Trenches Real-World Experience – Dr. Nels Lindberg
No one ever taught us how to hire or fire.  And there certainly is no college course taught by a qualified professor that has significant real life experience in this arena that has been found to truly help a leader in an organization truly get better at this aspect.  Truth is, most busy leaders don't truly enjoy this aspect of leadership, and therefore we truly don't dig in and learn how to get better at it.  For Dr. Nels, he found that he failed at it enough, that he needed to dig in and learn how to get better for the life blood of his businesses.  This talk is designed to give you some solid tools to put to work immediately in your hiring process.  And if you want to dig deeper, feel free to find his book on hiring and firing for a deeper look.

1:30-2:50pm  Creating Healthy Conflict and Having Successful Crucial Conversations - how can we resolve these and succeed with good health? – Dr. Nels Lindberg
We all have conflict and times of crisis that can either tear things or relationships and teams apart. Or we can use these times to pull together as a team or family and grow stronger and better together. Not one single person virtually ever teaches us how to handle these treacherous moments for success, and this talk is designed to do just exactly that!

3:30-4:50pm  Building Invincible Trusting Teams That Last​ – Dr. Nels Lindberg
This talk was built based on years of observations, failed actions on my part, watching other failed actions by other leaders, and doing and seeing what truly works in the trenches in the pursuit of building and growing relationships, teams, businesses, organizations such as churches or government.  I am a foundational guy always looking to solve problems with strategies that are core to any issue, not on the surface.  And this sort of thought process to problem-solving is never a quick fix.  It is a methodology that takes significant time, intentionality, a desire in the pursuit of greatness to be vulnerable, and a pure soul looking to create massive trust that can weather the nastiest of storms, the most turbulent of times, and the deepest dark moments imaginable to man.  This talk will give you the uncommon strategies, principles, and knowledge to build invincible trusting teams that last.
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