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2021 IVMA Annual Meeting Proceedings

IVMA 2021 Annual Meeting Proceedings
*Note - Not all speakers provided proceedings.

Wednesday Sessions

Animal Welfare/Behavior
Top 5 Essential Canine Low Stress Handling Skills – Dr. Sally Foote
Top 5 Essential Feline Low Stress Handling Skills – Dr. Sally Foote
Behavior Cocktails Dr. Sally Foote
Pandemic Pet Behavior ProblemsDr. Sally Foote
Rescue my RescueDr. Sally Foote
Behavior EuthanasiaDr. Sally Foote

Companion Animal

Understanding OA in Cats & An Introduction to Monoclonal Antibody Therapy – Dr. Kristy Earley-Murray*
The Scoop on Poop: Improving In-House Accuracy & Efficiency through Innovation – Dr. Cory Penn*
Mastering the allergy talk- canine atopic dermatitisDr. Lindsay McKay
When you hear hoof beats look for horses, but don't forget about the zebras!Dr. Lindsay McKay


Update on PPID: Recommendations for Testing & Management Dr. Jared Janke
Update on Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Recommendations for Testing & Management - Dr. Jared Janke
Update on Equine Asthma: New Terms for Old Problems - Dr. Jared Janke*
Triage of the Equine NeonateDr. Jamie Kopper
Neonatal colic and colitis Dr. Jamie Kopper
Neonates: Maladjustment, hypoxic injury and sepsis Dr. Jamie Kopper

Practice Management

Covid Relief Provisions & Legislative update Mr. Sean Larson
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Do You Have a Vision for Your Clinic? – Ms. Jane Angstman, Ms. Kandace Edwards & Ms. Marisa Williams*
Business Essentials for a Successful Practice – Mr. Charles Bottenberg, Mr. Josh Ervasti, Mr. Mark Vroman*

Thursday Sessions

Keynote Speaker Not One More Vet Dr. Carrie Jurney
Companion Animal

Tying it all together: Maximizing laboratory diagnosticsDr. Holly Brown
What are you bobbing about? A brief overview of forelimb lameness from diagnosis to treatmentDr. Andy Law
How to put the puzzle back together? Tips and tricks for wound care and closureDr. Allison Kenzig
Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome: What’s new?Dr. Adrien Aertsens

Hot Topics

CBD legal & pharmaceutical issues - Ms. Sue Mears, Dr. Katie Rumsey & Dr. April Blong
DEI Discussion - Dean Dr. Dan Grooms & Ms. Vee Oberoi
Insight - Dr. Jason Pieper*
A Few Tips to Save Gasping Cats – Dr. Meredith t ‘Hoen*
Introduction and cardiology clinical pearls – Dr. Melissa Tropf*
Optimizing Anesthetic IntakeDr. Emily Wheeler
Wonderful World of Honey Bees – Dr. Jim Berger, Mr. Randall Cass, Mr. Andrew Joseph, Dr. Kristen Obbink, Dr. Jodie Pettit
Practice Management

Personal Injury Liability of Mentors, A Practitioners Experience – Dr. David Gourley*
Legal Views of Issues in Veterinary Medicine Mr. Jim Carney
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Managing Externships in Your Practice – Dr. Patrick Gorden*
RIVLRP/Student Internship & Shadowing Directory - Drs. Ryan Shuey, Abbey Smith, Randy Wheeler
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Managing Risk: Working with Student Externs and VolunteersDr. Linda Ellis

Small Ruminant

Practical Approaches to Small Ruminant Antimicrobial StewardshipDr. Paul Plummer
Pharmacology for Small Ruminants – What Can I Do?Dr. Patrick Gorden
Pregnancy ToxemiaDr. Enoch Meira
Enterotoxemia: Pathology & Diagnostic Considerations - Dr. Alyona Michael
Small Ruminant Roundtable – Drs. Patrick Gorden, Enoch Meira, Alyona Michael, Paul Plummer
Wellness/Public Health

CPR for the Veterinary SoulDr. Carrie Jurney
   The Science of Happiness
Building a BetterinarianDr. Heidi Hulon
PERMAnent WellbeingDr. Heidi Hulon
Wellness Panel - Dr. Heidi Hulon, Dr. Harlyn McGuire, Dr. Cody Sacquitne, Dr. Abbey Smith

Friday Sessions

Companion Animal
Acute Liver InjuryDr. Jessica Pritchard
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Diabetic Monitoring StrategiesDr. Jessica Pritchard
When Life Gives you LymesDr. Jessica Pritchard
Twisted Pathogen An Update on LeptospirosisDr. Jessica Pritchard
Palliative Care for the SAIM Patient Dr. Jessica Pritchard

Federal Accreditation For a pdf of the presentation, please email

Module 5: Vesicular Diseases – Dr. Bailey Goos
Module 30: The Role of Veterinarians in Honeybee Health – Dr. Bailey Goos
Module 32: Regulating Vaccines and Related Biologics – Dr. Angela Walker
Module 2: Role of Agencies (State, Federal, International) and Health Certificates – Dr. Andrea Holmes
Module 19: Animal Health Emergency Response – Dr. Jim Lee
Module 34: Veterinary Export Health Certification System (VEHCS) – Dr. Jim Lee


Modified Live Viral Vaccines:  There is a rational use through the beef chain – Dr. Dan Scruggs
Understanding cattle production nuances from Southeastern cattle that could impact arrival management decisions – Dr. Dan Scruggs
Changes to the IVMA Preconditioning Programs and PC Certificates for 2021-2023 – Drs. Grant Dewell, Tom Hansen, Randy Wheeler
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   Attachment 4
   Attachment 5
   Attachment 6
Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship PrinciplesDr. Paul Plummer
Beef Heifer Development: The next generation in the cattle herd – Dr. Megan Hindman*
Infectious causes of diarrhea in calves commonly diagnosed at the ISU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory – Dr. Marta Mainenti*
In vitro elution of penicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, tulathromycin, and florfenicol from Plaster of Paris beadsDr. Paul Merkatoris
Salmonella Brandenburg abortions in dairy cattle with a review of bovine abortions received at the ISU-VDL and diagnostic strategies Dr. Chris Siepker

Veterinary Technician Session

Post-Operative Analgesia OptionsTasha McNerney BS, CVT, CVPP, VTS
Your New Favorite Analgesic: Using Alpha 2’s to your Advantage - Tasha McNerney BS, CVT, CVPP, VTS
Your Analgesic ArsenalTasha McNerney BS, CVT, CVPP, VTS
Pain Management in the Critical PatientTasha McNerney BS, CVT, CVPP, VTS