Pet Remembrance Scholarship Fund

The IVMA Pet Remembrance Scholarship Fund has been established to provide a simple way for veterinarians, as well as clients, to make donations to the IVMA Foundation which in turn will award scholarships to deserving veterinary students.

IVMA members can now purchase the specially designed Pet Memorial Cards to send to clients from the IVMA website.  Each card purchased will include a donation to the IVMA Foundation Pet Remembrance Scholarship Fund.  Cards can be purchased from the IVMA office in packages of 10 for $100 for veterinary clinics to send out.  If IVMA members prefer for the card to be send directly to the client, they can complete a form on the IVMA website ($10 minimum) and the IVMA staff will send the card on the clinic/veterinarians’ behalf.   

The card includes additional information about the Pet Remembrance Scholarship Fund, including how to contribute to the fund if the client would like to donate in their pet’s honor. 

Order Forms for Cards
Click Here to order SINGLE CARDS ($10 minimum)
Click Here to order a PACK OF TEN CARDS ($100 per pk- includes 5 cards of each design)

Below are the card designs for your review.