Healthcare Team Service Award

Established in 2012, the Healthcare Team Service Award recognizes a non-veterinarian member of a veterinary healthcare team who has contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine. The award recognizes the team member for not only exhibiting exceptional clinical competence, a caring commitment to animal welfare, excellent client and patient service, or for outstanding leadership ability; but also for taking an active role in promoting the veterinary profession through public relations efforts or through providing service within his/her community.  Click HERE for nomination form. Nominations for 2023 IVMA Awards are Due August 1, 2023.

2012 - Leah Higgins
2013 - Marianna Jahnke
2014 - Jim McGaffin
2015 - Mitzi Berkland
2016 - Tracy Raef
2017 - Karla Broers
2018 - Lori Moran
2019 - Chimene Peterson
2020 - Katie Rohe
2021 - Humboldt Veterinary Clinic
2022 - Tri-Vet Associates