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What is the I-Vet PAC & Why Do We Fund It?
The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee (I-Vet PAC) was formed in 1993.  The purpose of I-Vet PAC is to collect funds that will be used to support legislative candidates who understand and will promote veterinary medicine.  I-Vet PAC relies on members of the IVMA to contribute funds to achieve its purpose.  I-Vet PAC cannot accept checks or credit cards from corporations.
Contributions to I-Vet PAC are used to allow members of the IVMA to get acquainted with and help legislators understand veterinary medicine and its needs in Iowa.  Contributions to a legislator's campaign in no way purchase votes - it simply gives us access to the candidate or the legislator which will allow us to explain our point of view.  I-Vet PAC funds are used for state legislators and are rarely used for federal political candidates or for candidates for state-wide office.  When contributing to candidates, the IVMA attempts to be party neutral.
In the past ten years, the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association has become better known in legislative circles.  Through the efforts of our members who contact their senator or representative to explain the issues associated with veterinary medicine, the IVMA is able to influence political decisions affecting veterinary medicine.  We urge all veterinarians interested in the political process or in advancing the interests of veterinary medicine to join the IVMA Legislative Committee, contribute to I-Vet PAC, contact your legislators and attend Legislative Day which is held annually in February.

Accomplishments of the I-Vet PAC
CVM funding
VDL funding
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