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Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation
The purpose for which the Foundation is organized is to receive gifts and property to be used for the advancement of veterinary medicine and the promotion of veterinary medical research and education.  The Foundation shall hold, administer and dispose of gifts and property thereof, and any and all things necessary or incident to the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes, provided, however, that none of the funds, property or income of the corporation shall be used in attempting to influence legislation by the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise or for the benefit of any private member of the corporation or individual.
To accomplish the foregoing object or purpose, this Foundation shall have the right to act as Trustee of any funds or property that it may receive under specific or limited grants or agreements or that it may receive by testamentary disposition and shall have the right to hold and manage the same under the terms and conditions imposed by any such bequest not inconsistent with the objects herein above expressed.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (or corresponding section of any future federal tax code).
Current Goals:
  • To support innovative research and education projects with direct application to recruitment and retention of quality students into veterinary medicine.
  • To advance veterinary medicine by supporting projects that raise veterinarian's awareness of current issues in the practice of veterinary medicine
  • To educate the public about veterinary medicine and teach animal owner responsibility
  • To ensure the success of developing leaders for our profession by providing student scholarships.
  • To offer emergency scholarships to veterinary medical students in special circumstances
Possible Future Projects:
  • Increase number and amount of scholarships
  • Establish a strategic fund to help veterinarians who experience catastrophic loss due to disasters and emergencies
  • Establish an IVMA Foundation lecture series
  • Establish an IVMA Foundation professorship at Iowa State University
To contribute to the IVMA Foundation, please contact the IVMA office at 800/369-9564 or click on the link located on the upper right side of this page.

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Minutes
Annual Corporation Meeting
Gateway Conference Center – Prairie Room
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The IVMA Foundation Annual Corporation meeting was called to order by President Dr. Paul Murrell at 11:01 am.  Present for the meeting were Vice President Dr. Jennifer Hosch, Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Megan Hindman, Board members Dr. Dave Larson, Dr. Abbey Smith and corporation members Drs. Jim Berger, Brenda Bright, Shawn Nicholson, Amanda Fales-Williams, Kristen Obbink, Jerry Katzer, Joel Loomis, Mark Rees, Wayne Rychnovsky, Patrick Simonsen, Mike Slattery, Lindsay Speer, Leah Thies, Andrew Van Roekel, Zach Vosburg, Bill Williams, Chelsea Stewart, Christine Bean, Molly Lee, Abby Bowers, and IVMA Executive Director Randy Wheeler. Unable to attend were Ex officio Dr. Jared Danielson.
Dr. Murrell introduced several guest members attending the meeting:
  1. AVMA Immediate Past President Dr. Douglas Kratt
  2. Minnesota VMA President & Assistant Executive Director - Dr. Matthew Boyle & Kelly Andrews
  3. Wisconsin VMA President-Elect Dr. Howard Ketover and Executive Director Jo-ell Carson
Dr. Murrell reviewed the Foundation Board members and their terms of office:
  1. President – Dr. Paul Murrell............................................ September 2021
  2. Vice President - Dr. Jennifer Hosch……….…….……… September 2022
  3. Secretary/Treasurer - Dr. Megan Hindman.................... September 2023
  4. Dr. David Larson – BOD member................................... September 2024
  5. Dr. Abbey Smith-Schwab – BOD member ……………... September 2025
  6. Ex officio – Jared Danielson PhD (CVM)
Nomination for new Board members was called for from the floor. No nominations were presented for the term ending in 2026.  Members wishing to serve or nominate should contact Dr. Randy Wheeler.
A motion was made to approve the consent agenda, the motion was seconded and passed:
  1. Minutes 011321 BOD Mtg.
  2. Minutes 051221 Sports & Field Day Mtg.
The Board reviewed the Foundation financials. A motion to approve was made, seconded and passed.
2021 Scholarships Report:
  1. $65,000 in Foundation Scholarships
Dr. Murrell reviewed the current number of Foundation Fellows and the differentiation of the 3 support levels.
IVMA Foundation Sports & Field Day brief recap. There were 60 golfers, 9 shooters and 6 archers. The financials show a net profit of $10,080. Down $2,879 from 2020, due to Sponsorships being down $3,600. The post-event S & F Day Committee meeting is scheduled for October 13th.
Dr. Jim Berger reviewed the Foundation Pet Remembrance Card program.  The cards are available for purchase from the IVMA office.
The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Board of Directors
January 13, 2021 Noon
Via Zoom

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Vice President Elect Dr. Jennifer Hosch called the meeting of the IVMA Foundation Board of Directors to order at Noon. Present for the meeting were Drs. Megan Hindman, David Larson, Abbey Smith, ex officio Dr. Jared Danielson and IVMA Executive Director Dr. Randy Wheeler. Unable to attend was Dr. Paul Murrell.
New members Dr. Abbey Smith-Schwab and Dr. Megan Hindman were introduced.
Jon Glaser with Iowa Wealth Management presented an overview of the Foundation’s investment accounts.
Officers and terms for 2021 are as follows:
            President – Dr. Paul Murrell (2021)
            Vice President – Dr. Jennifer Hosch (2022)
            Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Megan Hindman (2023)
            Board member – Dr. David Larson (2024)
            Board member – Dr. Abbey Smith-Schwab (2025)
            Ex officio – Dr. Jared Danielson
All terms expire in September. A motion was made to approve the above officers for 2021 and passed.
The Board reviewed the Minutes from the following meetings:
  1. Meeting of the Corporation – 091020
  2. Sports & Field Day Recap – 101320
  3. Financial Planning Committee – 111120
  4. Board of Directors – 112320
A motion to approve was made, seconded and passed.
Discussion was held regarding nomination for a new Board member for the 2026 term. Names of nominees should be sent to Dr. Wheeler.
Financials were reviewed and it was moved, seconded and passed to approve.
Discussion was held regarding the review of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
There are currently 166 Foundation Fellows and 8 Foundation Advocates (146 Gold, 15 Diamond and 5 Platinum).
Scholarship recipients for 2020 were reviewed. They are doing well academically; the scholarships are very meaningful, and the students are very thankful. (There was a discrepancy in the minutes. One statement was that the Sports & Field Day scholarships would increase the five scholarships to $7,500. Another statement was that scholarships would remain the same as 2020. An electronic vote was taken, the result was that the Sports & Field Day scholarship will increase to $1,500 for 5 students and the total amount of scholarships would increase to $65,000.)
The Foundation Focus will be mailed to all members in the spring and towards the end of the year.
The fall meeting will be at 11am, followed by the meeting of the corporation. The date will be determined by the decision on how many days to hold Annual Meeting.
Dr. Jim Berger would like to propose a pet loss program that should add funding to the Foundation. In the program, clinics would buy sympathy cards and the money would go to the Foundation.
It was moved, seconded and passed to adjourn at 1:30pm.
IVMA Foundation Donations

Pet Remembrance Scholarship Fund - Card Orders

IVMA Foundation Officers and Board of Directors

Dr. Jennifer Hosch
(September 2022)
Vice President:
Dr. Megan Hindman
(September 2023)         
Dr. David Larson
(September 2024)
Board Members:
Dr. Abbey Smith-Schwab
(September 2025)

(September 2026)

Ex Officio Member 
Dr. Jared Danielson
Ames, IA