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President's Message

Welcome to March!

First of all I want to thank all of those who attended Winter Conference last month. The days leading up to the conference were quite challenging weather-wise, but hundreds of veterinarians and veterinary technicians showed up for two terrific days of CE. Also, a most deserving shout out to the staff at the IVMA office to put together another terrific event. Thank you!

As many of you heard at that meeting, this will be my 30th anniversary of graduating from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Even more impressive were the newly awarded Life Members with over 40 years of experience each. That is quite the accomplishment!

One of the luncheon speakers mentioned how her mentor, one of the new Life Members, always said “Eat desert first, because you’ll never know when you get called out.” Wise advice, and very memorable.

At my first job, one of my bosses’ frequent sayings was “that is what you get when you send fifty cents to do a five-dollar job”. As a new graduate this was often directed towards me, frequently in jest but sometimes in seriousness. Another memorable saying.

Every year my veterinary technician students make a class t-shirt that they design and creatively place the memorable quotes or sayings they have heard from instructors, staff, and classmates over their two years in the program. While I always feel like my lectures are full of wisdom and knowledge for the students to absorb that is not reflected in their t-shirt quotes from Dr. Ackman. “Cats are weird”; “Don’t sneak up on it, just go get it”; “mosquito fart" (context is needed to fully appreciate this one"; and “Don’t just hear the heart, listen to the heart.” These pearls of wisdom are what my students hear and what sticks with them.

Our clever sayings and quotes are the result of our years of experience. They give valuable insight, not just specifically to the practice of veterinary medicine, but also in how we approach veterinary medicine and our lives. In another two months as the graduates emerge from vet school, we should remember that we can provide them with some insight as to what lies ahead of them. We can help our new graduates entering the profession with our pearls of advice, guidance and quirky quotes from our experiences offering them insight through the scary first few years.

Have a good March, and don’t worry - we won’t have another month like February. (Mother Nature: “Hold my beer!”)

Oh and in case you were wondering, fifty cents in 1989 adjusted for inflation is $1.01 in 2019. Hopefully I’ve appreciated in value at least $3.99 since then.

Until next month,

Randy Ackman DVM