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President's Message

Hello All,

If not for the Sileo, Alprazolam, and Trazadone flying off the shelves no one would believe it’s July already!

The thought of numerous rounds of fireworks going off in the coming days reminded me of the first dog my wife and I had, a Golden Retriever, named Rudy. He was a happy idiot. I am free to say that he was an idiot, as he was our beloved idiot. If you had to stop and think if you had ever met Rudy, you hadn’t. This Marley-esque dog loved people and his enthusiasm was obvious. Early in his life Rudy was diagnosed with tennis ball hoarding syndrome, a condition that limited his ability to only swim with three tennis balls in his mouth. After ten short years of life he had mastered half of the game of fetch, and continued to work on the “Give” part. He was a reluctant tolerant mentor to seven Canine Companions for Independence puppies (Essie, Olivia, Franklin, Karma, Mingus, Havana, and Wisteria). Many Kirkwood students knew Rudy as the dog who demonstrated donating blood, challenged their restraint skills, and was the central character of the razor blade/ Mexico story. Rudy loved to run with my wife, Mick, and go for any type of car ride. In fact, when Rudy would escape the confines of our fenced back yard and not want to be caught, which was frequently, all we had to do was open the hatch of the car and start driving down the street and Rudy would gladly jump in the back. Rudy, however, hated fireworks. And hot air balloons, actually any balloons. And ceiling fans. And apparently felt covered tennis balls. But I digress. Rudy’s phobia however did allow me to greatly improve my screen door repairing skills.
Just a heads-up to start thinking about a couple of events coming up in the next couple months. August 28 is the IVMA Foundation Sports and Field Day at Briarwood Golf Club in Ankeny and the IVMA Annual Meeting in September 12 and 13th in Ames.

Oh, if anyone needs a spline roller, just let me know.

Until next month.

Randy Ackman DVM