Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee (formerly known as the CIVIC Committee) charges are:
  • To provide a readily accessible and confidential resource of peers to assist veterinarians and their employees with incidents of substance abuse, personal wellness, life/work balance, and burnout/compassion fatigue.
  • To find ways to insure IMA members are aware of this.
  • To prepare periodic articles and informative documents for publication in the Update concerning recognition, prevention, controlling and intervention strategies.
  • To prepare a document that summarizes drugs commonly found in veterinary clinics that may be abused.

Minutes of CIVIC Committee Meeting
Friday, September 8, 2017
On Friday, September 8th, 2017, the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association’s CIVIC Committee held a meeting.  Chair Dr. Harlyn McGuire called the meeting order at 1:00 pm.
  • Roll call included:
    • Dr. Laurie Meythaler-Mullins
    • Dr. Randy Wheeler
  1. The group reviewed the charges, vision and history of the CIVIC Committee.
    1. It was agreed upon to broaden the types of issues this committee addressed to include not only substance abuse, but to also include; wellness, life/work balance, burnout/compassion fatigue.
    2. Need to raise awareness to the IVMA Members that this committee exists to help them and their healthcare team should they experience any of these issues.
      1. Ways to increase awareness: more newsletter articles, improve the resources links and information available on the IVMA website.
        1. Resources to use: IA Board of Public Health (use them to develop a flow chart/script to handle calls)
        2. < >AAHA Fliers – Tracy will get copies distributed
        3. Member Survey – Tracy will get copies distributed
  2. The committee proposed changing the name of the committee to the Wellness Committee.
    1. Wellness is more consistent with the national trend and name being used to address these issues in the Veterinary Community.
    2. It was decided to keep the committee a sub-committee of the Membership Committee.
  3. Discussed refreshing and adding new members to this committee.
    1. Dr. Teresa Carmichael was suggested
    2. Survey the attendees of this Annual Meeting Wellness Session for potential members who would be interested
    3. Past POTL & ELL Members
    4. Dr. Gayle Brown – ISU
    5. Adding several CVM students to the committee (look at SCAVMA reps)
    6. Felt that 6 members would be a good number to have on the committee, with 2 year terms.
  4. Develop a new Wellness brochure for IVMA Members and their healthcare team
    1. Review other VMA’s websites and brochures for ideas
    2. Dr. Wheeler will talk with other VMA ED’s at the VMAE meeting in November and get ideas to see what has worked well for them.
  5. Dr. Meythaler-Mullins suggested that we might look at hosting a separate day session or even a conference on wellness.We could offer CE.She attended the Colorado’s VMA’s Wellness conference and found it very helpful.
    1. Dr. Gayle Brown has approached the IVMA to assist ISU in sponsoring a Wellness Boot Camp.(Tracy has forwarded her email to Dr. Wheeler regarding her proposal).
    2. It was suggested that Dr. Holowaychuk would be a good speaker.
 The committee will meet again after Annual Meeting in October to discuss topics and speakers for upcoming meetings and a possible Wellness Bootcamp.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00pm.

Dr. Harlyn McGuire - Co-Chair

Perry Animal Clinic

14580 J Avenue

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Dr. Laurie Meythaler-Mullins - Co-Chair
South Des Moines Veterinary Center
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