Licensing Information

Iowa Licensure Requirements

60 hours of CE every 3 years
Qualified graduate courses - Each college credit times 10 for a maximum of 30 hours
20 hours maximum of approved distance education courses
20 hours maximum of approved practice management courses

No more than 20 hours can carry forward
If you graduated in 2016 - 20 CE hours are due
If you graduated in 2015 - 40 CE hours are due
If you graduated in 2014 - 60 CE hours are due
If you graduated in 2013 or before - 60 CE hours are due
811-11.2(169) Exemptions for inactive practitioners. A licensee who is not engaged in practice in the state of Iowa residing within or without the state of Iowa may be granted a waiver of compliance and obtain a certificate of exemption upon paying the annual license renewal fees. The licensee shall make written application to the board containing a statement that the applicant will not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine in Iowa without first complying with all the regulations governing reinstatement after exemption. The application for a certificate of exemption shall be submitted upon the form provided by the board.
811-11.3(169) Reinstatement. Practitioners whose license has lapsed or who have been inactive shall, prior to engaging in the practice of veterinary medicine in the state of Iowa, satisfy the following requirements for reinstatement:
   11.3(1) Successfully complete the examination procedures specified in rule 811-7.1(169) within one year of reinstatement or otherwise demonstrate their proficiency to the satisfaction of the board;
   11.3(2) Submit written application for reinstatement to the board on forms provided by the board; and
   11.3(3) Furnish evidence of completion of a total number of hours of accredited continuing education computed by multiplying 20 by the number of years of inactive status, or 60 hours of accredited continuing education, whichever is less.
   These rules are intended to implement Iowa Code sections 169.5, 169.12 and 272C.2.

Iowa veterinarians can all the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine to check on their licensure and/or qualifying continuing education (CE) hours.
The Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine in Des Moines is responsible for licensing and continuing education hours approval for veterinarians. Contact them at 515-281-8617.  The Board also provides a form to track your continuing education hours.  You can find this form by following this link: