Iowa Animal Hall of Fame

Three remarkable animals were named to the 2016 IVMA Animal Hall of Fame
The IVMA and Merck Animal Health named three wonderful animals as the recipients of the 2016 Animal Hall of Fame awards for their bravery, companionship and professional contributions to people and the community.  Fifty-eight animals from across Iowa have been inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame since its inception 19 years ago, including dogs, cats and horses.  The awards were given in three categories: Companion, Hero and Professional.  

The nominating veterinarians were honored at the 2016 Annual Meeting in September in Ames. The winning animals and their owners will be honored at an awards ceremony held on April 29, 2017 at the Animal Rescue League’s Raise Your Paw Auction.

2017 Nominations are now being accepted

How to nominate

Nomination Form for Iowa Animal Hall of Fame
Type written description of why the animal is being nominated and a picture of the nominated animal.
Deadline is August 1, 2017

1. Complete the application on-line.

2. You may wish to explain: How the animal exhibited special abilities when it made a difference

    • How the animal demonstrated unselfish and/or courageous accomplishments
    • Examples of the animal's affection, loyalty and companionship
    • Heroic actions
    • Ways in which the animal provided healthful benefits, confidence or opportunities for exercise, socialization or laughter.

3. Please email 1-3 high quality pictures of the animal to the IVMA office

REMEMBER: Only IVMA member veterinarians may nominate. Veterinarians may not nominate their own animals. To become an IVMA member, go to the Membership area of this web site or call the office at 515/965-9237 or 800/369-9564.

This year's 2016 Animal Hall of Fame winners include:  Flyer, a 12 year old Morgan Horse who has an incredible bond with her owner.  Gracie, a 6 year old therapy Golden Retriever who visits nursing homes, police departments and other emergency situations including the recent night club shooting in Orlando. Cally, an 8 year old Malinois who serves a paralyzed veteran and has become an ambassador for the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization.

Companion Animal Hall of Fame Recipient

Winner: Flyer
Owner: Glenda Farrier
Nominating Veterinarian:  Dr. Jodie Pettit, AMVC


Hero Animal Hall of Fame Recipient

Winner: Cally
Owner: Kenneth & Pauline Lloyd
Nominating Veterinarian: Dr. Rachel Allbaugh, ISU Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Professional Animal Hall of Fame Recipient


Winner: Gracie
Owner: Trinity Lutheran, Handler: Jane Marsh-Johnson
Nominating Veterinarian: Dr. Laura Bahns, Kimberly Crest Hospital