Continuing Education

Iowa Administrative Code 811--11.1(169)

Continuing education required. At least sixty hours of continuing education in courses approved by the Board of Veterinary Medicine shall be completed triennially by each licensee as a condition for license renewal. The licensee has responsibility for financing of continuing education. These credit hours may be obtained by attending board-approved scientific seminars and meetings on the basis of one credit hour for each hour of attendance. Attendance at any approved national, state or regional meeting will be acceptable. One hour of credit may be approved for local meetings where a scientific paper is presented. Credit for qualified graduate college courses may be approved on the basis of multiplying each college credit hour by 10, to a maximum of 30 hours during any one triennial license period. A maximum of 20 hours during any one triennial license period of continuing education may be achieved by completion of approved distance education courses. A maximum of 20 hours of continuing education during any one triennial license period may be achieved by completion of approved practice management courses. Each licensee shall obtain 60 credit hours between July 1 of the year the license was issued and June 30 of the following third year as a condition precedent to license renewal.  Continuing education credits in excess of 60 hours for any three-year license period may be carried over to the next license period, but the total number of credits carried over shall not exceed 20 hours.

The licensing agency in Iowa is the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine.