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After a couple of terms on the IVMA Executive Board, I was approached by the Administrative Committee to run for Vice President. My mind raced through all the recent IVMA presidents and I quickly concluded that I didn't "measure up" to the quality/ polish of those who served so admirably before. With a bit of discussion and reflection, my next vision was of jumping off Black Rocks Cliff into
Lake Superior.
Let me explain.
Black Rocks are a 20-foot cliff extending from the icy cold waters (even in July!) of Lake Superior on Presque Isle that adjoins the city of Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Most of the locals (and NMU students) have jumped off this ledge as a rite of passage in their youth. Being comfortably beyond my youth, I was dared to jump by my family and resident in-laws. Now, knowing some of the prior jumpers are still alive and well!) gave me the confidence (hope) to take a deep breath and jump... the water was electric cold, l mean tingly, hypothermia inducing cold... and the 25-yard swim to shore was done (it felt like) without a breath. After regaining the feeling in my limbs, the satisfaction set in and I was now a born-again avid advocate for this must do activity!
The initial hesitation and feelings of not being ready to serve as an officer in the IVMA felt the same. appreciation for the worthiness of the challenge has far outweighed the excuses for not accepting this humbling opportunity to serve this great Association.
Several of the former officers and current IVMA members have made a special point of encouraging the current officers at meetings and activities. I am not surprised by this support but I sure am appreciative of the continuity this fellowship provides. Being a member of the IVMA can be as much as you want it to be; from supporting your profession with your membership, to the professional Association supporting you: in your professional growth, your business management acumen, to providing you legislative representation and social activity opportunities.
Thank you for being an IVMA member and we hope you won't hesitate to use all the Association has to offer.
“Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken!” (Anonymous)
Have a great month!
Mitch Hiscocks, DVM