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President's Message

As your newly elected (less than a week!) IVMA President, I’d like to start by saying thank you for allowing me to serve as one of the leaders of the IVMA. I consider this a great privilege and responsibility. I will do my best to serve the association and continue the great work of the IVMA leaders that came before me.
Our profession is made up of so many great people from every corner of the state and the IVMA truly strives to represent them and their varied interests. A perfect example of this is the extremely successful 135th IVMA Annual Meeting that was held last week in Ames. We had almost 500 attendees, which is outstanding considering that we all just renewed our licenses in June! If you look at the different sessions that were offered at the Annual Meeting I think everyone could find something that interested them and that they could benefit from. If you haven’t already, please take a minute and go to and fill out the evaluation on the sessions you attended. We appreciate the feedback and use it to continue offering topics that the membership is interested in.
One of the re-occurring themes that we heard about during the Annual Meeting was wellness. Whether being from Dr. Thomas Meyer, the Immediate Past President of the AVMA, Dr. JoAnne Roesner during her lectures or myself, if you were at the meeting you couldn’t help but notice this being talked about. Usually if something is repeated enough times we start to pay attention and listen. Our profession can be stressful and crazy at times and all this wellness talk is a good reminder to take a minute to remember to take care of yourself. To care for our patients, clients, and families to the best of our abilities we need to care for ourselves also!
If you have any concerns or suggestions on how the IVMA can better serve you, please contact me or the staff at the IVMA office. We are your association and are here for you! I look forward to serving as your IVMA President this year!
See you soon,
Kylee Thomas, DVM