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While reflecting on the recent 2017 ISU CVM graduation, my memories of the first few months of mixed veterinary practice floated through my mind like puffy white clouds across the Iowa summer sky. A new job, a new area of the state, and a brand new (to me) used Ford F-150 with a fully loaded Bowie 8ft box had me excited to get started. Looking through all the supplies in that box, I knew there was no livestock malady I couldn't address!  More...


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Veterinarians & Technicians Needed for Iowa State Fair Vet Camps

Vet Camp, one of the most popular programs at the Iowa State Fair, is an educational, exciting, hands-on learning program aimed at encouraging 4th - 7th graders to learn about animal health, welfare and what it is like to be an animal doctor. The two-hour program focuses on both large and small animal veterinary medicine. Advanced Vet Camp is for 8th - 12th grade who have an interest in Veterinary Medicine.   Both Vet Camp and Advanced Vet Camp are free with paid fair admission for participants.  Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians are needed to help teach these youth who are interested in veterinary medicine.

Volunteer forms additional information can be found by clicking here or contact Emily Wynn, Iowa State Fair Agricultural Education Coordinator at 515-401-1544 or



Update to Heifer Brucellosis Vaccination Protocol

In this year’s Iowa legislative session Iowa Code of Law chapter 164 (Brucellosis – Bovine and Designated Animals) was amended through House File 617 to change the age of brucellosis vaccination of heifers age to between four and twelve months of age, effective July 1, 2017.  Previously, this was four to ten months of age.  This change is consistent with the USDA Bovine Brucellosis Uniform Methods & Rules.  As you visit with veterinarians in food animal practices who perform brucellosis vaccinations of this change.
In addition, the State Veterinarian and IDALS encourages veterinarians to calfhood vaccinate heifer calves.  There are still states that require brucellosis vaccination of female cattle in their import requirements.  In addition, calfhood vaccination is an opportunity for applying official animal ID.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. David Schmitt, State Veterinarian, at 515/281-8601 or Dr. Jeff Kaisand, Assistant State Veterinarian, at 515-281-0866.



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