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Foundation Board Minutes
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Foundation Board of Directors Minutes

Foundation Board of Directors/Awareness Campaign Task Force Meeting
Wednesday November 20th, 2013 @ 12:00 PM
IVMA Headquarters Office and via Teleconference

The Iowa Veterinary Medical Foundation Board of Directors and the Foundation Awareness Campaign Task Force members held a teleconference meeting on Tuesday, November, 2013 at Noon. Assistant Executive Director Dr. Randy Wheeler called the meeting to order. Present for the meeting were Drs. Valerie Enlow, Scott Curry (Awareness Task Force leader), Nate Hansen, Al Frischmeyer, Jennifer Schleining and Randy Wheeler. Those members not able to participate were: Drs. Claire Andreasen, Abby Bowers, Amanda Fales-Williams and Tom Johnson.

Dr. Curry summarized the November 14th meeting with the SCAMVA president Charlie Bahnson and Scamper co-chairperson Sarah Gray. The meeting was held to discuss collaboration possibilities with the Scamper group to aid in fundraising for Foundation scholarships. Notes of that meeting were shared with the group. There was interest from both parties but the Scamper group is concerned about three main issues:

     1. Expansion of Scamper participants would be limited by CVM facilities currently utilized for this event and weather-related concerns.

     2. Problems obtaining enough volunteers.

     3. Registration issues and tracking. Dr. Wheeler mentioned the problems with added IVMA staff time and involvement if registrations were undertaken by IVMA.

The teleconference group mentioned other ideas to be considered if a run/walk was undertaken:

  · Use of Ames Cross Country course
  · Adding age-grouping classes to the event.
  · Consideration of involving Pre-Vet Club for volunteers and partnering.
  · Pledges to sponsor participants.

From this discussion, Dr. Curry will check into the company that Scamper currently is using for registrations.

Dr. Wheeler reviewed fundraising ideas from several other State VMA foundation events including pet memorials and veterinary honor roll. Foundation By-Laws would need to be reviewed to see if this would be allowed.

The group discussed the feasibility of the Foundation taking primary responsibility of the Sports & Field Day committee's events. The Sports & Field Day Committee would consider relinquishing the golf event and provide some involvement but the Foundation control would require more volunteers and a dedicated coordinator to expand this event. Additional ideas to expand the golf outing would be to add other events such as a Mulligan sponsor, veterinary classes competition with a traveling trophy prize, bringing in celebrity golfers from ISU Athletics Department, beat the pro drive competition and continuing pre-outing golf lesson session with golf pros (Boehringer–Ingelheim's companion animal representative, Jeno Kuennen, may be able to add more instructors to this part of the golf outing).

The Foundation Mission Statement was discussed. Dr. Wheeler asked for feedback from group about any changes and specifically if there was an interest in adding "animal well-being” in the mission statement which many other state Foundations have used.

Dr. Wheeler asked the group to complete the Awareness Campaign survey to rank and prioritize the various awareness campaign ideas. Results will be shared at the next meeting.

The Board had requested IVMA staff track the time spent on Foundation related administration. Dr. Wheeler provided an estimate of ~70 hours per year of IVMA staff time.

The meeting concluded with another teleconference to be held January after EOY financials. This would allow discussion of scholarship considerations and revisiting the awareness campaign discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Foundation Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. at the IVMA Headquarters Office
The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by President Scott Curry. Present for the meeting were Drs. Curry, Hansen, Schleining and Frischmeyer. Attending via phone were Drs. Enlow and Andreason.
It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of August 10, 2012 and the Corporation meeting of September 12, 2012.
The Board elected the following officers to serve in 2013:
          President                          Dr. Valerie Enlow
          Vice-President                  Dr. Alden Frischmeyer
          Secretary/Treasurer         Dr. Nate Hansen
The newly elected officers take their positions effective at the end of this Board meeting.
Dr. Frischmeyer reported on his audits of the profit & loss statements and investments for the Foundation. The Board reconfirmed their position on the new investment policies adopted by the IVMA Financial Planning Committee. They reviewed the profit & loss statement and the balance sheets.
The Directors reviewed the financials from the 2012 Foundation raffle which netted $3,721 for the Foundation. It was noted that one individual returned their winnings from the Foundation raffle. Approximately ten tickets were sold at the meeting prior to the raffle drawing and 11 tickets remained unsold.  Because interest in the raffle seems to be decreasing, the Board of Directors determined they would not hold a raffle at the 2013 IVMA Annual Meeting.
The Board reviewed the list of IVMA Foundation Fellows. We have 143 fellows and three Advocates. The Board suggested that we send a special invitation to join the Foundation Fellows to all previous recipients of IVMA Foundation scholarships.
Thirty-one Fellows and Past Presidents attended the breakfast at Annual Meeting. The Board agreed that all Foundation Fellows and Past Presidents should receive a personal invitation signed by the Foundation Board of Directors. That invitation will be printed on the IVMA notecards. The envelopes will be addressed via computer and not contain a pre-printed label adhered to the envelope. We need to let them know their attendance is important (Why) and we need to encourage student recipients to attend.
The Board reviewed the income from the profit & loss statements and the amount of the Foundation endowment and agreed to the following expenditures:
·       $6,000 to continue to fund the incoming freshman scholarships for $1,500/year for 4 years
·       $2,000 for the Darnell Memorial Scholarship 
·       $1,000 for the Ennen Memorial Scholarship 
·       $6,000 for six underclassmen scholarships at $1,000 each 
·       $3,000 to the Leadership Orientation Program to be held at ISU CVM for incoming freshman 
·       $2,000 to be awarded to the IVMA to help with their Student Summer Intern Project 
·       $20,000 for the Sustaining Involvement Scholarships at $2,000 each for 10 graduating seniors. 
·       $10,000 – The Board also requested that $10,000 be moved into a separate account to be used to fund the matching grant for the American Veterinary Medical Foundation when the emergency trailer is completed.
 Dr. Johnson will determine the criteria for the Senior Sustaining Involvement and for the six underclassman scholarships and request the Board’s approval of those criteria. 
The Board reviewed the information on the past recipients of the IVMA Foundation scholarships. Drs. Curry and Enlow will explore possibilities for increasing contributions for the Foundation and expanding the number of projects that the Foundation could undertake. When those suggestions are compiled, the Board will meet to discuss the possibilities. 
                    Indigent care reimbursement to veterinarians
                    Focus on client education
Funds for follow-up care
Work with ARL to make veterinary care more attractive and focus
 on preventive care
Dr. Curry presented Dr. Schleining with information about an incoming board member orientation program. Drs. Curry and Schleining will review the orientation packet and provide direction to IVMA staff as to how to provide the orientation for incoming board members. Include a mission statement!
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
IVMA Foundation Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, August 10, 2012
Via Teleconference
The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Board of Directors met on Friday, August 10, 2012 via teleconference. President Scott Curry called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Present for the meeting were Drs. Scott Curry, Valerie Enlow, Nathan Hansen and IVMA Executive Director Dr. Tom Johnson.
It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of the January 19, 2012 Board of Directors meeting. That motion passed.
The Board reviewed the financial statements, profit & loss and balance statements for the IVMA Foundation and accepted those reports by consensus.
The Board nominated Dr. Terri Lechtenberg and Dr. Jennifer Schleining for the vacancy on the Foundation Board of Directors. The corporation will vote on September 12th to determine Dr. Leuschen’s replacement on the Board. The term of office will run from September 2012 thru September 2017.
Dr. Johnson presented the Board with the process for developing the raffle for the Foundation that will be held in September.
Earlier this year the IVMA Foundation surveyed its past presidents and Foundation Fellows. The survey indicated that slightly over half of the past presidents and Fellows would like to continue to meet. Over three-fourths of those indicated they would like to meet jointly. Over 90% of those responding indicated they look at this as a social event, not a continuing education event. Two comments included in the response indicated that we should use this group for strategic planning and perhaps the group should have a project or activity that they would want to complete. 
The Board of Directors reviewed the tiered giving schedule for becoming a Diamond or Platinum Foundation Fellow. They also reviewed the criteria for becoming a Foundation Fellow or Foundation Advocate, and the process for naming of memorial gifts for the Foundation. At present we have 139 Foundation Fellows and 2 Foundation Advocates.
The Board reviewed the list of scholarship recipients and the list of individuals who had sent thank you notes for their scholarship.
Dr. Johnson reported that at the Senior Banquet held last May, the recipient of the Darnell award did not attend the banquet. Mrs. Darnell had attended in hopes of meeting that recipient. The College has agreed to inform the IVMA of who the recipient will be for future Darnell scholarships. We will in turn insure that the individual attends the scholarship banquet should Mrs. Darnell be in attendance.
Dr. Johnson reported that the Iowa Department of Agriculture has purchased the emergency trailer and that the trailer has now been moved and painted and is housed at the Animal Rescue League. The ARL, the Department of Agriculture and the IVMA have agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding and the IVMA has signed that Memorandum. We are waiting for further information from the ARL and Department of Agriculture. Once all three entities have signed the agreement, the ARL will begin the process of purchasing a truck that could pull the trailer. We will try to have the response trailer for display at Annual Meeting.
The Foundation Focus is the quarterly newsletter that goes out to Foundation Fellows. The next issued is scheduled to be released in August.
The Board reviewed the agenda for the corporate meeting to be held on September 12.
The Board also discussed the possibility of expanding the function and scope of the Foundation. Discussion included:
1.     Recruit non-veterinarians to contribute
2.     Recruit non-veterinary industry and corporations to contribute
3.     The possibility of expanding the Foundation’s support to include indigent care through veterinary reimbursement
4.     The possibility of support for spay/neuter programs through veterinary reimbursement. 
The Board will take these ideas to the IVMA officers for further consideration.
The Board would like Dr. Johnson to prepare and present an orientation program for new Board members before they take office.
The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.


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