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Agriculutral Medicine: Occupational and Envioronmental Health for Rural Health Professionals

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Foundation Fellows

The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation is continually at work to improve and promote the veterinary profession and recruit and encourage the future leaders of our profession.  The goal of the Foundation is to have 200 IVMA members pledge or reach the IVMA Fellow status. This will create an endowment fund that will allow use of the income from the fund to accomplish future goals of the Foundation.

You can become an IVMA Fellow by making a contribution of $1,000 or more within a five-year period. As soon as the pledge is made, you can begin to enjoy the prestige and benefits of being an IVMA Fellow. As a contributor, you will receive the IVMA Fellow designation and a lifetime membership in the IVMA Foundation.

The IVMA Fellows are a group of highly successful veterinarians who are passionate about their profession and are current and past leaders of the profession. We need this group of people together on a regular basis to take full advantage of this valuable resource.

The IVMA Fellows will meet each year at Annual Meeting and review the financial status of the IVMA Fellow Program and the IVMA Foundation. This group of distinguished veterinarians will be a sounding board - discussing the use of Foundation funds.  The IVMA Fellows will provide valuable vision and direction for wise investment of Foundation resources to benefit the veterinary profession in Iowa.

I am sure you will want your name associated with this distinguished group of veterinarians. Please join us in becoming an “IVMA Fellow”.


Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Board of Directors

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Fellows Levels
The Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation shall have three Fellows levels.
  • Fellow Gold Level is a pledge of $1,000 to $2,499.
  • Fellow Diamond Level is a pledge of $2,500 to $4,999.
  • Fellow Platinum Level is a pledge of $5,000 or more.
The time frame for a Fellow pledge shall be a maximum of five years for the Gold level. The Diamond and Platinum levels are cumulative throughout the member’s lifetime.
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Advocate
An Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Advocate:
  • Is a non-veterinarian who works closely with the veterinary profession or is a veterinarian who is not a member of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Pledges $1,000 or more to the Foundation as above.
  • May not serve on the Foundation Board of Directors or be a member of the Foundation Corporation.
IVMA Foundation Fellows & Advocates

Dr.  Michael Anderson
Dr. Claire Andreasen
Dr. Paul Armbrecht
Dr. Arthur Behrens
Dr. James Berger
Dr. William Blohm
Dr. Robert Blomme
Dr. Michael Bottorff
Dr. Virgil Bourek

Dr. Abigail Bowers
Dr. John Broderick
Dr. Roger  Bryan
Dr. Jamie  Bunn
Dr. Teresa Carmichael

Mr. James Carney
Dr. Cary Christensen

Dr. Abney Clark
Dr. Scott Curry
Dr. Michael Davis
Dr. Jerry Den Herder
Dr. James Diemer
Dr. Elizabeth Doggett
Dr. Steven Dotzenrod
Dr. Dennis Drager
Dr. Donald Draper
Dr. Ron Emerson
Dr. Wayne Emerson
Dr. Bruce Ennen
Dr. Leigh Ennen
Dr. Gordon Esbeck
Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams
Dr. Scott Faulkner
Dr. Jack Feldman
Dr. Kenneth Fertig
Dr. Brenda Flaming
Dr. William Frevert
Dr. Alden Frischmeyer
Dr. Louise Fuller
Dr. Sarah Garst
Dr. William Gay
Dr. Randall Gibson
Dr. Robert Glotfelty
Dr. John Greve
Dr. James Grover
Dr. Douglas Gustafson
Dr. Patrick Halbur
Dr. Nathan Hansen
Dr. Melissa Harrer
Dr. Leslie Hemmingson

Dr. Michael Henning
Dr. William Hoefle
Dr. James Hoffmann
Dr. H. T. Holcomb
Dr. Daryl Hormann

Dr. Tom Hutchcroft
Dr. James Illg
Dr. Richard Jamison
Dr. Jeffry Johnson
Dr. Lowell Johnson
Dr. Marv Johnson
Dr. Thomas Johnson
Dr. Tom Johnson
Dr. James Jordan
Dr. Jerald Katzer
Dr. James Kenyon
Dr. Victor Klopfenstein
Dr. John Kluge

Dr. Hans Koehnk
Dr. Randall Koenig
Dr. Joseph Krichel
Dr. Michael Kuhn
Mr. Joseph Kuhns
Dr. Roger Laimans
Dr. Kim Langholz
Dr. David Larson
Dr. Leonard Larson
Dr. Elizabeth Lautner
Dr. Arthur Lemley
Dr. Charles Lemme
Dr. Keith Leonard

Dr. Bruce Leuschen
Dr. Dale Longtin
Dr. Donald Lyon
Dr. Arthur Mally
Dr. Terry Mangold
Dr. Brian Martz
Dr. Kenneth May
Dr. William McEniry
Dr. Dale Mechler
Dr. R. B. Mericle
Dr. Brent Meyer
Dr. Keith Miller
Dr. Mike Miller
Dr. V.  Richard Moeller
Dr. Larry Moore
Dr. James Mouw
Dr. Darrell Neuberger
Dr. Diane Noll
Dr. Daryl Olsen

Dr. Gary Osweiler
Dr. Nancy Peterson
Dr. Jodie Pettit
Dr. Alvin Pokorny
Dr. Kevin Pottorff
Dr. Sally Prickett
Dr. Dewayne Rahe
Dr. Ross Rekemeyer
Dr. Dale Risius
Dr. J. Kenneth Roach
Dr. Martin Roepke
Dr. Patrick Rohret
Dr. Barbara Roland
Dr. Keith Rolston

Dr. Wayne Rychnovsky
Dr. John Salsbury
Dr. Darwin Schipper
Dr. Roger Schladetzky
Dr. David Schmitt
Dr. Steve Schmitz
Dr. Mark Schulz
Dr. Vaughn Seaton
Dr. Leonard Seda
Dr. Richard Shirbroun
Dr. Fred Sick
Dr. Scott Sievers
Dr. James Slatterly
Dr. Edward Speer
Dr. Ryan Steen
Dr. Dennis Stresemann
Dr. Richard Stribe
Dr. Rexanne Struve
Dr. Louisa Tabatabai
Dr. Elvin Teachout
Dr. John Thomson
Dr. Darrell Till
Dr. Eldon Uhlenhopp
Dr. Gene Warren
Dr. James West
Dr. Randy Wheeler
Dr. Ron White
Dr. David Whitney
Dr. Kenneth Wilcke
Dr. David Wilgenbusch
Dr. Loras Wilgenbusch
Dr. Rex Wilhelm
Dr. William Williams
Dr. Arlen Wonderlich
Dr. Dennis Woodruff
Dr. Joel Wormley



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