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FAQs-PC Program
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Updated April 18, 2013

Q.  Calves are worked and green tagged on the cow and sold before weaning.  The second owner weans and sells the calves.  Can a green certificate be issued?
A.  No.

Q.  Can green tagged calves accompanied by a Green PC certificate be gold tagged without starting the vaccination program over?
A.  Yes.  The key here is accompanied by a certificate and the veterinarian verifies tag numbers.  The new owner must own the calves 60 days minimum.

Q.  Calves are vaccinated and green tagged, issued a vaccination certificate but not a preconditioning certificate, and then sold without weaning.  The second owner weans the calves.  Could they be vaccinated and gold tagged?
A.  No.  They could be gold tagged if they were issued a green certificate which would require weaning prior to being sold.  (See Q&A #2 above.)

Q.  Can calves sold as preconditioned by a first owner be represented as preconditioned at a sale by the second owner?
A.  No, if there is a valid PC certificate, the tag numbers are verified by the veterinarian and the second owner has owned the cattle for 60 days.  (Only record for one change of ownership.)

Q.  Should calves that the veterinarian knows will not be preconditioned still be vaccinated and green tagged?
A.  No. The IVMA/ICA recommends calves be fully preconditioned and be accompanied by a preconditioning certificate.  The green tag indicates that the calves have had a science-based vaccination regimen administered by a veterinarian and have been weaned. Green tagged calves that are not preconditioned could damage the image of the Preconditioned program.

Q.  Can a producer purchase vaccines from a veterinarian and administer the first vaccine, then have the veterinarian administer the second vaccination and gold tag the calves?
A.  This is in direct violation of a veterinarian-verified program and is not allowed.  All vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian.  All medical procedures must be veterinarian verified.

Q.  Why Gold tag?
A.  It is a marketing tool to increase the price the producer receives and it verifies the vaccines were given by a veterinarian.

Q.  If calves were preconditioned before July 1, 2013, do they need Mannheimia Haemolytica vaccination to be sold after July 1, 2013?
A.  No.  Requirements for mandatory Mannheimia haemolytica become effective after June 30, 2013.

Q.  Can vaccines or “pour ons” purchased by a producer be used by the veterinarian “working calves” as part of the preconditioning program?
A.  No.  The veterinarian has no knowledge of the source of drugs, or how they were handled or stored.  Therefore, efficacy could be a concern.

Q.  What does “one change of ownership” mean?    Scenario:  Calves are worked and green tagged while on cow.  Calves are sold – weaned and sold again.  Can the certificate be issued?
A.  No


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