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Preconditioning Supplies

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More information about the IVMA Preconditioning Program can be found here.

President's Message

It has been a fun and enriching month here at the IVMA Oval Office. Attending some of the regional VMA meetings and giving an update on the IVMA was hardly a fair trade with all of the info/stories gained from fellow IVMA members.
IVMA members were heavily involved in the 2017 ISU CVM commencement ceremony - from the speakers, to the hooders, the Dean's address and several faculty members. It was very enjoyable to see the broad smiles of the new veterinarians as the Dean awarded them their diplomas.  More...


Latest News

Veterinarians & Technicians Needed for Iowa State Fair Vet Camps

Vet Camp, one of the most popular programs at the Iowa State Fair, is an educational, exciting, hands-on learning program aimed at encouraging 4th - 7th graders to learn about animal health, welfare and what it is like to be an animal doctor. The two-hour program focuses on both large and small animal veterinary medicine. Advanced Vet Camp is for 8th - 12th grade who have an interest in Veterinary Medicine.   Both Vet Camp and Advanced Vet Camp are free with paid fair admission for participants.  Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians are needed to help teach these youth who are interested in veterinary medicine.

Volunteer forms additional information can be found by clicking here or contact Emily Wynn, Iowa State Fair Agricultural Education Coordinator at 515-401-1544 or



Iowa Veterinary Accreditation Handbook

An updated version of the Iowa Veterinary Accreditation Handbook is now available from the Iowa Department of Agriculture. This document contains valuable information for Iowa Veterinarians, including important contacts, compliance and regulatory documents, specific disease information, Iowa veterinary programs, CVI requirements, links to useful websites and much more.  Check it out here.

Phone System Updates at IVMA Office

The IVMA is excited to announce we have an updated phone system! When you call in during normal business hours you will still be greeted by the receptionist.  If you need to leave a message for a staff member you are now able to be transferred into their own voicemail.

After normal business hours you will be greeted by an automated message and now have the option to leave any staff member a voicemail or if it is an emergency you will have the ability to be directly connected to Dr. Randy Wheeler's cell phone.


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